4 tips on how to detoxify the body

How to detoxify the body

Do you feel that your body is saturated? Still a sedentary routine? Need depurate? With these 4 tips for how you can detoxify the body feel better without suffering any strict diet or deprive yourself of anything. Your willpower is not the main factor in this process. That’s it! If you combine these tricks with minimal physical activity and a healthy diet get more impressive results. » Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men

Any man who is sexually active or about to become active with a new partner should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Your doctor may use the term STD or STI when talking about conditions like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and genital warts. Even if you think that you are safe, you must get tested on a regular basis and before engaging in sexual intercourse with a new partner. Before getting tested, you may look at some common symptoms to determine if you experience any of those symptoms. » Read more

7 Habits that damage your heart


Although we know that salt is bad for our health because it produces hypertension, we continue consuming. We must cut their consumption as well as prefabricated meals and opt for natural options.

The human body is a perfect machine where each piece is essential. The heart is perhaps the basic body failing, can bring worse consequences, hence the need not to neglect, to address their health at all times. Do you know what habits are those that most commonly damaged almost without us noticing? We explain. » Read more

5 Ways to increase your metabolism

Increase your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest and when you are active. The first fuel use your body are carbohydrates and fats. Make your body to burn these fuels at a high level if you want to lose weight and gain vitality.

As we grow older, our metabolism slows. We need to improve our metabolism increase muscle density and pay close attention to how you feed your body. » Read more

Knowing some dental specialties

Dental specialties

The dentist is the professional who practices dentistry, so it has knowledge and has specialized in the study of the teeth, periodontium, temporomandibular joint (joint between the temporal bone and jaw), the neuromuscular system each of the parts of the mouth or oral cavity.

To summarize, the dentist or dentist, diagnose, prevent or cure any problem we have in our mouth, head or neck. Although only recurrently we associate the teeth. » Read more

3 Reasons To Take Health Supplements

People who are interested in staying healthy will often research various supplements they can add to their regular routine. You can go to any number of informational websites that ask you to “click here for more information” to find out what various supplements do, but first you need to understand why you want to take supplements in the first place. There are aspects of your health that supplements can enhance, and there are body processes you can improve by using the right products. » Read more

Moles: Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

When you think of a mole, you might think of Cindy Crawford with her iconic beauty spot, or perhaps you have moles and wish they would go away. These small blemishes can be found anywhere on the body and are made up of lots of pigment cells called melanocytes. Those with fairer skin tend to find that they get more moles than those with darker skin. However, this is not always the case, as it can depend where you grew up and how much time you spent in the sun. » Read more

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