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Good causes to volunteer for

Ever feel like giving something back to the community? Volunteering for a worthy cause is a great way to meet new people, put something amazing on your CV and learn new skills. If you have a little time to spare, then get a warm, fuzzy feeling by offering your assistance to a noble cause:

Animal Shelters

All animal lovers out there will know how much help and donations such centres need to care for rescued animals of all kinds. There are various ways you can help, from answering the phone, doing some admin or help to clean up.

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Clinical Trials

Do you want to help the progress of humans in medical technology and health? If so, participating in a clinical trial may be right up your street. Often trials seek healthy adults to give up a few weeks of their time to attend a clinic and receive some kind of treatment that is safe. The participants are very well looked after, and most trials offer financial compensation to be involved. Find out more about TQT Studies at a site like Richmond Pharmacology, providers of TQT Studies.

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Shelter the homeless

Soup kitchens and other services operate in all the major cities, so why not spend time raising funds or distributing hot meals for your local homeless charity. If you enjoy cooking, meeting new people and taking care of the vulnerable members of society, then this could be a good opportunity to make a real difference.


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