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Benefits of Different Types of Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate. While the most popular variations are white, milk, and dark chocolate, chocolatiers have come up with hundreds of other, innovative flavors. Scientists have proven that having some dark chocolate every day can help improve your health. Many new chocolate flavors add things to chocolate which can increase the overall benefits.

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If you like coffee and chocolate, you will enjoy chocolate-covered espresso beans. Coffee alone has benefits that can decrease your risk of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. Adding in the benefits of dark chocolate, such as lower blood pressure, dark chocolate covered espresso beans can be very good for your health. However, be sure not to overindulge because each chocolate-covered bean has about 5 milligrams of caffeine.

Spicy Chocolate

A variety of chocolate has become more mainstream is spicy chocolate. This is typically dark chocolate that has some kind of pepper or spice added to it so, when you take a bite, you get both sweet and spicy flavors from the chocolate. Spicy food can help decrease the risks of heart disease and certain cancers. It can also help decrease depression in some people. Since chocolate shares many of the same benefits, gourmet spicy chocolate has at least twice the benefits of plain chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

Many people think of hot chocolate as a special, sweet treat during the cold winter months. However, hot chocolate is more beneficial than people realize. Hot chocolate is comprised of cocoa powder, which is just as beneficial as dark chocolate. It is a good source of fiber and antioxidants, and it contains serotonin which will help mitigate the symptoms of depression. The most beneficial cocoa powder is unsweetened and as dark as possible.

Combining chocolate with other things, such as fruit or nuts, can have added health benefits. Chocolate is always changing and chocolatiers are continuously making new flavors, so go try something new today.

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