How to Exercise in Older Age

If you are over 40 and have been sedentary for many years, learning how to exercise at an older age can be very rewarding. As your body ages, you may need to start working out more vigorously, especially if you have always enjoyed a good physical fitness regime. You may not see immediate results from your exercise, but the conditioning of your body is a gradual process that will ensure you stay healthier well into your golden years. Here are some simple tips that will help you keep fit:

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Cardiovascular exercises are very useful for how to exercise in older age as they improve your cardiovascular system and help you burn calories and fat. Running, walking or jogging can be great ways of keeping fit, especially if you are running on hard surfaces such as pavements or roads. For those who are a bit more physically fit, they may find cycling an enjoyable way of keeping fit. You might even want to start an exercise group with the other people that have bought Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire like those from Park Home Life and make the activities that you do continue a social aspect as well.

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Learning how to exercise at an older age can also mean learning about weight loss methods. Exercise can improve your general health and ward off the onset of arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes, so if you find that you are carrying excess weight it may be time to talk to your doctor about an exercise program. Weight loss is also important for how to exercise in older age because as you age your metabolism also slows down which makes it harder for you to burn off calories. Your weight should be managed through a sensible diet and regular exercise so that you can keep your weight within the healthy range.


Why Walking is so Great

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One of the best forms of exercise is also something that is completely free and can easily be incorporated into your life – walking! During the winter it may not be something that you feel like doing but getting out in the fresh air is really important and a great way to stay fit and healthy.

In January, it is important to wrap up warm so that you can enjoy your walk – woolly hats and gloves, Aran sweaters such as these from and warm boots are a must at this time of the year.

There are many benefits of walking – it is great for your physical health as it can help you to prevent developing illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Some of these illnesses also lead to much worse health problems so it is good to ensure that you try to prevent them.

It is also a fantastic way to get to know your local area. Getting out and about and walking different routes may lead you to discover a wide range of places that you didn’t realise were there! You will be amazed at some of the things that you can come across from having a good walk!

It is also really good for your mental health. When you are walking your brain releases feel good chemicals known as endorphins which can improve your mood and help you to feel happier – which is particularly important during the winter months when you may be suffering a little from the January blues.

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The best exercises to strengthen your back

When it comes to back health it is important that we keep our spines and back muscles strong as they work hard each day. With more and more of us spending increasing amounts of time sitting at a desk, back complaints have increased and more people needing the services of a Dublin Chiropractor to help with their back pain.

There are some exercises that you can do that can help to strengthen this area of your body and help to prevent back injuries and strains from occurring.

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Hip Bridges – Lay on your back with your feet apart, your knees bent and your arms relaxed on either side of your body. To build a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, contract the glute muscles (buttocks) and raise your hips as high as possible. Keep for a few seconds in that position and lower the body slowly under control.

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Superman – Lie flat on your back, toes hitting the cement, and with your palms down and elbows tucked in towards your body, your hands positioned directly below your shoulders. Slowly lift your chest and head a few inches, facing the floor (include your arms once you are able to). Keep the place under control for a couple of seconds and then lower. Then, lift your legs straight up behind you as high as you can, with your upper body staying down, so that your knees leave the floor and maintain the place for a few seconds, dropping them again under control.





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4 Ways to Live a Healthier Life

When stress leaves you weary and feeling sluggish, it can be helpful to turn to good habits to improve your health. Both your mind and body need quality rest and relaxation, as well as exercise and a variety of foods.

Focus on the Good

While it may feel tough at times, leaving yourself little reminders with positive quotes or other helpful sayings can improve your mental state. Stress often causes both an emotional and physical reaction, so taking steps to mitigate those feelings can help improve your health. Talking with loved ones is another great way to help yourself work through emotions, as well as feel more connected to others.

Check Your Eating

Getting a good combination of fruits, vegetables, protein and grains each day is one way to help your body stay healthy. The subsequent weight loss Daphne AL can also make you feel more energetic and help relieve extra pressure on your joints. Learning about and preparing new meals is also often entertaining.

Try a Variety of Exercises

There are many types of workouts you can choose from if you find more common exercises, like running or weight lifting, are not benefitting you. Purchasing a gym membership can help give you a variety of machines and equipment to try, but you can also search the internet for stretches or workouts you can do at home as well. Even a simple walk around the block is one great way to get your heart pumping.

Get Encouragement From Others

While it may seem tempting to try to go it alone, it is beneficial to ask your friends or family to help keep you accountable. By discussing your plans with others and making it clear you want to live a healthier life, you can gain a support system that holds you to smaller goals as time goes on.

What are the health benefits of playing football?

Football is probably the most popular sport in the world and is played in virtually every nation on the planet. A team game, it involves 11 players on either side who are allowed to use their feet, legs, head and torso to control and pass a ball with the aim of scoring goals. The game involves running, sprinting, jogging and quick reactions.

The game is continuous with each half lasting 45 minutes and as such, is perfect for keeping fit and cardiovascular health. All ages and abilities can get involved in football, with the sport also accessible for people of different heights and sizes.

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Football is a great sport for kids who are just starting out with physical activity and might not yet have high levels of endurance but still want to get involved in team games. Football is suitable for men and women, girls and boys and all can play along the same rules of the game.

Playing football is a lot of fun which might explain its global popularity. It’s also a great total workout with multiple health benefits that include:

  • Improves cardiovascular health and helps to increase aerobic capacity
  • Improves muscle tone and decreases body fat
  • Increases strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Boosts muscle and bone strength
  • The sudden shifts between high and low intensity activity during a game is beneficial to health

Here are some further benefits from playing football:

  • It is relatively safe as it’s considered a non-contact sport on the whole
  • It helps to teach co-ordination
  • Fosters a spirit of teamwork, sharing and group responsibility
  • Teaches you how to act fast and make quick decisions
  • A fun way to meet new people with similar interests
  • It’s more fun and motivating to exercise with friends
  • Encourages greater concentration, self-discipline and tenacity
  • A great opportunity to combat stress and promote better feelings of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Needs little equipment and can be played in a garden or public park
  • Easy to learn and play for fun for both beginners and the more experienced
  • A truly international sport

If you’re planning to play football, you can choose to play either recreationally or competitively. You don’t need a large number of people or a field necessarily. It can be as simple and easy as a friendly kickabout in just about any available space. An impromptu game of football can be played on streets, gardens or beaches and all you need is a ball. To keep in shape, why not incorporate some new Soccer Training Drills into your warmup? Visit for more information.

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Players can choose to join a local club and play in a more competitive way through organised competitions and leagues. You can also play football is some indoor sports centres in competitions that use smaller team sizes.

In preparing to play football, the following is always good advice:

  • Always warm before doing any form of exercise
  • Keep your fitness levels up over time so you can play well and avoid fatigue or injury
  • Stay well hydrated and always have plenty of fluids on hand while you play
  • Depending on your physical condition and age, don’t overdo it
  • Always wear the recommended protective clothing

Football is ideal for keeping fitness levels maintained and promotes strength, endurance and health. Get involved and see how good football can make you feel!


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