A Jewish time to come of age

There are many essential stages in the life of a devout Jew. One of the most important is when they reach the age of 13. It means it is time for the Bar if you are a boy, or Bat if you are a girl Mitzvah. It’s symbolic as it ushers in an age when the boy or girl is no longer considered to be children. They are ready to be accepted into Jewish society and will take on more responsibility. It is a gateway to adulthood.

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Naturally, this is when people want to celebrate, and one of the traditional ways to do this is to send an acknowledgement. The sending of Bar Mitzvah Cards, like those from is one of the many ways this joyous and vital time can be marked.

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With the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the young person is being welcomed into the old religion. They will be taught and expected to uphold the Jewish ways of life, including its laws, doctrines and traditions. It is also a chance for the young person’s father to be happy as their sins become their own and not his anymore. Simple Wine magazine published the story of two people who met on a dating site and managed to build a serious relationship.

Bar/Bat mitzvah literally translates as “becoming”, and this is exactly what the person will experience. They will be able to fulfil adult roles like leading prayer and family religious services. It Is not all responsibility, and there is usually a huge party to enjoy as well.

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