Why Do Piercings Hurt More Than Tattoos?

Having a piercing is not the same as getting a tattoo. Tattoos are permanent and can cause keloids, while a piercing can take months or even years to heal. Tattoos are also less painful and are less shocking.

It takes a long time to heal.

Do piercing hurt more than tattoos? Getting a piercing might seem like a simple procedure. But it can be quite painful and take a long time to heal. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your experience is pain-free.

The first thing to do is keep your piercing clean. Antiseptic mouthwash and a soft-bristled toothbrush are good ways to keep your piercing clean and pain-free. If your piercing is in your mouth, you should remove it when eating. Also, avoid public swimming pools, which may infect healing wounds.

Another way to speed up your healing process is to avoid scratching your piercing. This may sound logical, but constant irritation can interfere with healing.

The pain of a piercing can be far more noticeable than the pain of a tattoo. It’s usually a low-level scratching sensation, but there are some areas where the pain can be more intense.

It can cause keloids.

Amongst the most common places for keloids to develop are ear piercings. They appear as small round bumps around the piercing site. They tend to grow slowly for several months.

If you notice a keloid, immediately contact your healthcare provider. Your doctor can prescribe a pressure device to apply pressure to the bump. They can also suggest surgery to remove the scar. This non-invasive treatment can minimize trauma to the area and reduce the chances of keloids reoccurring.

A dermatologist can also recommend a silicone gel patch. Silicone discs are also available. These are made of medical-grade silicone and are gentle on the skin. The discs can be worn on jewelry to have direct contact with the bump. They should be applied daily for six months.

It’s permanent

Getting a tattoo is a lot like getting a piercing, but with one exception: tattoos are permanent. They are made by injecting permanent ink into the dermis layer of the skin. This process can take anywhere from ten days to two weeks. So naturally, the longer it takes to heal, the more pain you’ll experience.

Piercings are relatively painless, but they can still hurt. If you are getting a piercing for the first time, you might be concerned about how long it will take to heal. This depends on the type of piercing and the location of the piercing.

The most common risks of a piercing include irritation, swelling, and infection. To minimize these risks, keep the piercing area clean. Use paper towels to clean the area twice a day. Also, be sure to use anti-bacterial ointment after bandaging.

It’s less painful

Getting a piercing is not as painful as getting a tattoo. Tattoos are beautiful, but they are also painful. Therefore, knowing how to treat a new hole in the skin after it is pierced is essential.

Piercings are different than tattoos in that they are one-time punctures. Tattoos are repeated shallow stabs with needles.

Piercings are less painful than tattoos, but the pain is still there. Everyone feels pain when getting pierced. However, the amount of pain varies by location. Your pain threshold also determines it. For example, a piercing on the belly button is less painful than one on the tongue.

The pain associated with piercings is short and sharp. However, tattoo pain is a bit more long-lasting and dull. It is often compared to the feeling of a cat scratch.

It’s less shocking

Whether you consider piercing your body or getting a tattoo, you may have questions about how much pain they will cause. Piercings are a one-time puncture through your body, while tattoos are repeated shallow stabs with a needle. However, both abrasions take time to heal. Therefore, you must take some health precautions and regularly clean the piercing.

Getting a piercing requires a longer time commitment than a tattoo. The tattoo heals faster, but piercings will take up to a year to fully recover.

While piercings may be painful, they are also less shocking than tattoos. The initial sting of a needle is terrifying, and a person’s perception can determine how much pain they experience. Some piercings, like nostril piercings, are slightly more painful than others.

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