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How to take care of your skin

Skin is temperamental, uncooperative and the cause of endless frustration for many. No matter how many overpriced products we slather all over ourselves, skin will just continue to do what it wants. The problem is, most people only tend to start caring about their skin when something goes wrong. For most of the year we just tend to splash a bit of water on our face and call it a day, but as soon a pimple rears its ugly, pus filled head or flaky, dry patches start showing up we bring out the big guns. We buy all the products we think will help and expect the problem to go away overnight. The reality isthat skin care is about a lifestyle change. Putting some soap on your cheeks at night isn’t going to keep you blemish free for long.

What we put in our mouths has consequences all over the body, including our skin. Fatty, oily, sugary and processed foods can all have serious effects on the inner workings of our body, throwing our hormones out whack, slowing down our metabolism, affecting blood circulation, and preventing our ability to fight bacteria. Healthy and clear skin is dependent on all of these qualities. So, if you have any intention of looking after your skin then the first thing you need to do is cut out these sorts of foods. Refined carbs, alcohol, deep fried foods, candy, and processed meats should be the first thing to go (or, at the very least, you should cut back on them). After that, you need to start picking up the habit of eating foods that are better for your skin. This includes (obviously) fruit and vegetables; nuts, seeds and pulses; and fresh fish. Instead of beer and soft drinks, drink more water and try some green tea every now and then. Apparently there was a study that revealed that people that drink a cup of green tea every day have skin that’s softer, more elastic and is resistant to sun damage.

It’s also important to wash your face regularly, but if you use an exfoliator or face scrub that contains sand, crystals or microbeads then you need to toss it out immediately and never ever use it again. Although after using these products your skin might feel smooth and soft you’re actually doing terrible damage to it. The abrasive particles in these exfoliates are actually creating microscopic tears in your skin and stripping away the top layers of skin. These layers are necessary for protecting your skin from pollutants, bacteria and UV light. When you use abrasive creams on your face you’ll probably be far more like to break out in spots, develop wrinkles and get dry skin. So, instead of using those terrifying products, try using cleansers that contain acids that will gently lift dirt from the skin. Look for ingredients like lactic, salicylic and glycolic acid. Applying it a couple of times a week is all you’ll probably need and always use a gentle touch when you apply it. Finish it off with some nightly moisturiser and your skin should start looking fresh very soon. If you’ve got acne that won’t go away or old scars that that bother you then you could always look into professional facial and skin peels for healthier skin or speak to your doctor.

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