Six ways to improve your TV signal

If you’re having issues with your TV signal, one of the following six solutions will be the answer.

Check all Cabling

Long, damaged and low-quality coaxial cables can all have a disastrous effect on your TV signal. If in doubt, replace the cable with a higher-quality, brand-new one.

Aerial Alignment

It’s imperative that your aerial is aligned to your nearest transmitter. Use a smartphone app to find it. Call a professional if the aerial is in the attic or on the roof. Correct alignment still applies to indoor aerials.

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Look for Interference

All sorts of things can cause interference with your TV signal. But the worst offenders are microwaves and Wi-Fi routers. Make sure these items are not located close to your TV or your TV aerial (or between the two). Shielded cables can help minimise the effect of interference.

Ditch the Splitter

A splitter can cope with a certain number of televisions, but for those in a weak signal area, splitters will not be able to manage more than three or four at best. Use a distribution amplifier instead.

Consider an Amplifier

If you’ve tried all the above and the signal is still poor, consider an antenna amplifier, also known as a signal booster. With a booster, the signal is improved before it reaches your TV.

Upgrade the Aerial

If none of these solutions have helped, it’s probably time to upgrade or repair the aerial. Those looking for a new aerial or TV aerial repair Tewkesbury can go to professionals such as

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Most of the time you’ll be able to improve your signal with one of the first five tips above, but sometimes you will need to actually replace your aerial. In that case, it’s time to call in the experts.

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