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How to make liquid soap

Invented by the Phoenicians long before the birth of Jesus Christ, soap is one of mankind’s most celebrated inventions. Due to the diversity of colors and smells that currently exist, you should know that the production of the bars was done in an extremely artisanal way: water, wood ash, and its fermentation carried out with goat lard. After this process, the soap was completely condensed and pasty.

Nowadays, many people value handmade compared to industrialized products, but on the other hand, there are those who believe that producing their own soap is difficult. However, know that the process is affordable and economical and you can even customize your own soaps with the fragrance you want.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll give you all the information you need to make your own liquid soap and, who knows, even earn extra income! To learn more, keep reading the text below.

Dove homemade liquid soap

Dove soap is known for its pleasant smell and the deep hydration of the skin carried out by the components present. The other advantage of this soap is that the bar is easily sold in supermarkets and drugstores. Because of this, we will present how to make your own soap.

For the production of your Dove liquid soap, you will need the following products:

  • A board;
  • A bar of Dove soap;
  • A container to store the soap;
  • A grater;
  • A funnel;
  • liquid glycerin;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • A pan.

To produce your Dove liquid soap, follow the step by step below:

  • Place the grated soap with 200ml of water in a pan over medium heat;
  • When the soap starts to break down, put the fire down;
  • When realizing that the soap is completely dissolved, wait to cool down;
  • Then pour the mixture into a blender, and blend at high speed, adding another 500ml of water and a tablespoon of glycerin;
  • Wait for the foam to go down and place the soap, ready, in the proper container with the help of a funnel.

How to make Protex liquid soap

There are some soaps that only remove the microbes that are present on our hands and body. Protex liquid soap , on the other hand, removes not only microbes but also viruses and bacteria. It is known as an antibacterial exactly for this function and is indicated by dermatologists to be used to prevent irritation and serious infections.

To make Protex liquid soap, you will need to gather the following products:

  • A bar of Protex soap;
  • A knife;
  • Essential oils;
  • Dye extracted from orange peel;
  • A container to store the soap;
  • A funnel;
  • Glycerin;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • A pan.

For the production of your Protex liquid soap , follow the next steps:

  • Cut the soap bar into small pieces;
  • Melt the glycerin base, taking it to the stove until completely melted;
  • Add the essential oils, in addition to the orange peel dye;
  • Ready! Just let it cool well and pour it into the container for liquid soap .

How to make natural homemade liquid soap

Do you want to make a more authentic soap following a more artisanal process? See what utensils and ingredients you will need to gather to make your own natural homemade liquid soap :

  • cosmetic dye;
  • 200ml of base for liquid soap;
  • Approximately one liter of water;
  • Amphoteric;
  • 30ml of the essence of your choice;
  • 10ml of glycolic extract.

For the production of your natural homemade liquid soap , you must proceed as follows:

  • Separate a container and mix the soap base well with the water;
  • Add the essence, dye, and glycolic extract, until all of these are homogeneous;
  • Then place the amphoteric until it reaches the desired texture;
  • Don’t stop stirring throughout the process;
  • Upon reaching the point, let the mixture rest for 24 hours;
  • Ready! You can put the result inside the soap container.

Some tips to have a differentiated liquid soap :

If you intend to have a more scented soap, instead of using water, put tea, such as chamomile tea;

If the smell or color is not as you expected, there must be something wrong with the liquid soap, it is best to discard the contents.

How to make liquid soap for the face

Not all types of liquid soaps are suitable for use in the eyes, nose, and mouth area, precisely because the skin on the face is very different and more sensitive than the rest of the body. Therefore, we will teach you a different recipe. First, you must separate:

  • 100ml of leftover natural soap;
  • 300 ml of water;
  • Ten drops of lavender essential oil;
  • Five tablespoons of aloe vera gel.

To prepare the liquid soap for the aloe vera face, see the step-by-step below:

  • Take all the leftover soap and cut them into small pieces;
  • In a small pan, place the pieces together with 300ml of water, bring to a boil and stir until everything dissolves;
  • After melting, remove from the fire and wait to cool down;
  • With the mixture already warm, mix the aloe vera gel until it is homogeneous;
  • Add lavender essential oil;
  • With a funnel, place the soap in its own container.

Important points to help you succeed with your liquid soap for the face:

  • Know that some brands that sell aloe vera gel usually add preservatives and other chemical ingredients to make it more consistent. Despite increasing the useful life of aloe vera, they contribute to reducing the effectiveness of the plant;
  • If you use the plant from your garden, make sure it is aloe vera and not agave Americana , as the latter could cause poisoning;
  • Aloe vera is great for acne-prone skin, but watch how often you wash your face: the more you clean your face, the oilier it gets.

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