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Have you considered working in care?

Are you looking for a new role, or perhaps looking to work in an industry that is more fulfilling and rewarding? Have you considered working in the care industry?

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Care work is amongst some of the most rewarding jobs that there are out there, close together with childcare, teaching and nursing. Care work allows you to work with individuals who need varying degrees of support to go about their daily life. This could be in a care role within social services, a nursing home or even for a Live in Care Exeter company.

Have are some of the benefits of working in this industry and why you should consider a role in care:

  • Rewarding – as we have already mentioned helping another person to go about their daily life is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to feel like you have made a difference to that individuals day, but you find out a lot about other people and the challenges that they face in life. In getting to know these people you create a connection with them that then allows you to work more effectively for their needs.
  • Flexible – if your own personal circumstances mean that you can not work your standard 9-5pm working day then care work gives you a greater flexibility of hours. Some individuals will need help with getting up in the morning and a bedtime routine and those with more complex needs may need support overnight. Shift work is also available meaning you can alter your working pattern to suit your personal needs as well as the needs of the business that you are working for.
  • Work and qualify – working in care can also give you the opportunity to work and train at the same time whilst gaining a recognised qualification. Many apprenticeships are available in this type of work and throughout your career you will be given many opportunities for continuous professional development.

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So if you are looking for a job that is rewarding and fulfilling on a daily basis, that allows you to interact with people and make a real difference, whilst also fitting in around your personal life and allows you to qualify and train alongside working you really should consider a career in the care industry. There are many places that you can go to find this type of work including specific businesses websites, your local council website and agency care work.

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