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Helping Your Child Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a genetic condition in which a person’s pancreas secretes little or no insulin. This causes issues for blood sugar control and can impact many parts of a person’s life. Signs and symptoms often appear in adolescence, and it can be a difficult thing for children and parents to deal with. As a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, it is important to research the disease and learn how to help your child manage it.

Inform Teachers and Caregivers

It is important to explain to your child that he or she should not be embarrassed or ashamed of diabetes. All of your child’s teachers and caregivers must know of your child’s diagnosis and how to manage emergencies related to it. It is a good idea to have type 1 diabetic ID bracelets for your child to wear at all times. You can help them think of it as a unique fashion accessory.

Encourage Healthy Behaviors for the Whole Family

Type 1 diabetics have to be mindful of the things they eat and drink as nutrition plays a huge role in diabetes management. Instead of making your child feel like an outsider who has to eat different things all the time, encourage healthy behaviors for your entire family. Keeping sugary snacks and eating at scheduled times is good advice for most people, not only diabetics. Be sure that you allow some treats on occasion, but always consult with your child’s doctor about these things ahead of time.

Keep All Routine Doctor Appointments

Your child should see a doctor who specializes in diabetes on a regular basis. Be sure that you prioritize these appointments and know what questions to ask during these appointments.

Helping your child manage diabetes is a family effort that can be both achievable and rewarding.

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