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The most absurd claims about diet and weight loss

When we decide to lose weight, there are many tips and data that give us those around us and even social networks or different websites about our diet and the chances of losing weight, because today we show the most absurd claims that you and everyone should stop listening from now on:

I engorge to drinking water

It is an expression often used by those who “at their discretion” have a tendency to put on weight. This statement may make us believe that we are one of them and therefore we find it impossible to lose weight or very complex because, to fatten water.

Diet and weight loss
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Since no other drink without calories and healthier than water gas and cannot suffer thirst, if engorgement only water we would be totally impossible to lose weight.

Therefore, and because some logic we realize that there is no way of gaining weight or gain weight drinking only water because it has no energy input some, this is an absurd statement that we should eliminate from our head or at least downplaying and not attend to it.

To lose weight, you need to go hungry

Although many may say that this is true, the reality is that we only eat according to our needs and so hunger really should not appear.

What we can feel is appetite or desire to eat, because we are only used to eating certain foods during a weight loss plan not eat or because used to eating much higher amounts of food they actually need.

Thus, except very restrictive diets, diet is not necessary to go hungry, although we can have the feel of him, but really are just like eating something specific or greater amounts than we need.

Eating fattening fruit

Contain natural sugars, many people say that eating fattening fruit, or certain fruit should be prohibited in our plan to lose weight.

However, no fruit should be removed from a weight loss plan, because although they have natural sugars, are also rich in fiber in our body produce satiety and provide very good lots of water and nutrients without too many calories.

So slim line eat fruit or banana, or figs, grapes, or other fruit is prohibited when trying to lose weight.

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Smoking thins

Very often it believes that as weight increases to leave the snuff, smoking thins, however, smokers are more likely to gain weight than those who never smoked in his life.

In addition, smoking is not a healthy choice if we lose weight, it not only damages health but the more you smoke, the more you gain weight when trying to quit.

Of course, smoking is not fattening, but not slim, but simply those with the addiction to snuff may suffer from its consequences, weight gain by leaving aside the same.

If you’re trying to diet or begin a plan of thinning, you must know and eliminate the influence of these absurd claims that may adversely affect your weight loss process.

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