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What You Should Know About a Tooth Extraction

While people may be somewhat fearful about the prospect of having a tooth pulled. However, this simple procedure can help a patient achieve appreciable relief from chronic or acute pain.

When Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

A tooth that breaks above the gum line may be preserved with a crown. However, a fracture that goes all the way down to the root of a tooth cannot be saved. It can cause persistent pain and recurring infection until it is extracted.

Should an Extracted Tooth Be Replaced?

An implant can prevent changes or damage to your jaw and other teeth. After a molar is removed from your mouth, you will experience bone loss in your jaw. In addition to bone, elastic connective tissue holds your teeth in place. Removing a tooth will cause proximate teeth to shift out of alignment, but an implant will prevent this from happening. For help with dental implants Collierville TN, work with a treatment provider as soon as possible after your extraction so as to avoid significant bone loss.

What Happens During an Extraction?

When a dentist or oral surgeon prepares a patient for a tooth extraction, he or she administers a local anesthetic so that a tooth can be removed painlessly. A patient will feel a sensation of pressure, but there shouldn’t be any severe pain during a procedure. In the case of a molar, the tooth may be broken into two or more pieces prior to extraction, or it may be removed intact.

What Happens After an Extraction?

Patients may experience discomfort and inflammation in the days after an extraction. Your dentist may advise you to take an NSAID pain killer as well as antibiotics to prevent an infection. Not all extractions require sutures, but your dentist may elect to close the empty socket with a couple of sutures.

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