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Why wood makes things better.

Despite all of our modern building techniques we still like to see a bit of wood around the  place.  it doesn’t matter that we now use brick, it doesn’t matter that we now use stone. it also doesn’t matter that we now use cement to hold everything together. Wood still holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to building.  Maybe it’s because it is a natural material that it gives the sense that a building has been made with ecological ideals and  sustainability about it.  Why is it the case that we still hold on to the idea that wood is better?

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It may well be because we still see wood as being the best material.  It’s what  our ancient ancestors would have used when they left the caves. It was the nearest thing available, It was warm and it was solid and waterproof.  Having wood placed on the front door outside of a building seems to give it a kind of legitimacy.  It almost seems to give it some kind of historical perspective.  However it has to be said that as soon as people could use bricks or stone cladding they were switched on to it.

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No matter how far we can go in the modern world we still like to keep to the traditional and the natural. This is why you’re more likely to see Oak feather edge cladding from on the front of a building.  The simple answer being that in most cases it just looks a lot better than the raw brick underneath it.

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