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Should I See a Counselor? 3 Overwhelming Life Events

You do not need a  chronic mental health issue to seek counseling. You may merely be facing a situation that is difficult to manage on your own. Feeling overwhelmed can happen to anyone, so rest assured you are not alone. Everyone is different, but some life events are likely to require outside help.

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It seems ironic that death is a universal fact of life, so everyone loses someone dear. Yet somehow, when a loved one dies, you may still feel completely alone. At that point you may benefit from loss counseling San Luis Obispo CA.

Turning to a therapist tends to be more helpful than relying on friends who may be experiencing their own sadness. A loss counselor can help guide you through your grief and encourage you to find positive ways to channel your emotions.


Perhaps you have recently experienced trauma such as sexual or physical abuse, serious illness or injury, a natural disaster or a car accident. Even dealing with a property crime such as a home break-in can leave you feeling fearful and anxious. You may be uncertain of the future and feel as if you have no control over your own life.

In such cases, therapy can help you work through your fears. You may learn to prevent panic attacks, re-establish daily routines and gain the confidence to face difficult situations in the future.


Ending a marriage often feels like a combination of death and trauma. Your marriage may have been traumatic for you — constant neglect, an abusive spouse, overwhelming unhappiness — yet you may still mourn the death of that marriage. You are likely mourning the loss of your dreams and realizing that your future looks nothing like you thought it would.

A therapist can help you move through the anger and betrayal, then help you realize where the relationship went wrong. More importantly, in therapy you learn skills for building more fulfilling relationships in the future.

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