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How To Choose a Haircut for Your Face

A good haircut can completely alter your appearance. If you’re feeling less than confident lately, the answer might be in a haircut. Sometimes, a new style can make you look like a completely different guy. Is it time to find the transformative haircut for you?

Face Shape Matters

To find the best haircut for your face, you need to know your face shape. There are six shapes: square, oval, round, rectangle, diamond and triangle. If you aren’t sure which you have, the following should help:

  • Square face shapes have a sharp jaw and all measurements have a similar ratio
  • Oval face shapes have a larger width at the cheekbones and a forehead wider than the jaw
  • Round faces have a soft jaw and have comparable dimensions from top to bottom and side to side
  • Rectangle faces are like a mix between the oval and square shapes
  • Diamond face shapes are long with a small jawline and wider cheekbones
  • Triangle shapes have wide prominent jawlines and a second-largest measurement across the cheekbones

When it comes to figuring out your face shape, you may want to measure it. You can also take your features and make points on your cheekbones, chin, forehead and face length. Outline your face, and you may be able to determine the shape.

Haircuts Complement Your Face

The mens haircuts Westlake OH residents trust always fit their personality and their face. You may want to pick a haircut that makes your face look oval. Oval tends to be the preferred face shape. In addition, you will want to consider your beard. Do not measure your face without your beard, if you plan to keep it. You do not want to have a haircut with height and a long beard if you have a long rectangle face.

When it comes to your hair, it can make or break your style. Have fun with your hair, but also remember to complement your appearance.

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