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Top tips for more advanced macrame

Macrame is a fun and relaxing craft that’s suitable for all ages and abilities. In its simplest form, macrame uses cords and a series of knots to create a decorative pattern. If you are looking to hone your skills and create more intricate work, this guide gives you some tips on more advanced macrame.

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Know Your Knots

As a beginner to macrame, you may have mastered the art of the simpler knots such as the square-knot and the double half-hitch. For more intricate designs, try more challenging knotting techniques such as the Endless Falls knot and the Lark’s Head knot. To get started, choose a macrame kit that features a variety of knots so you can practice your craft.

Get Neat with Cords

Sometimes, macrame projects in progress can look a little tangled. Keep your cords neat as you go by learning how to add new cords as well as tucking in loose cords at the side of your piece.

Cord Types

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cord materials and widths, as this can add interest to your project. For inspiration, sites such as will give you some ideas.

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Experiment with Tension

The tension you place on the cords will produce tighter or looser stitching. Whether you choose a firm or loose tension, keep it consistent throughout the piece for a neat look.

Macrame is an art that, according to Heritage Crafts, dates back thousands of years in the Middle East and was popular in the UK in the 17th century. By practising macrame, you are helping to keep this craft alive.

By experimenting with technique and fine-tuning your knotting skills, there is no limit to the stunning designs you can create. So, dig out your macrame kit and get knotting!

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