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A Quick Guide to Easy Chairs

As furniture evolved, the focus became more about comfort than just functionality. One of the most important factors when buying a chair is how it feels when we sit on it. Not all seats are extremely comfortable, providing function over anything else but fortunately, there are also easy chairs that offer great luxury and comfort for our homes. Here are a few examples of the most popular types of easy chairs:

An easy chair is defined as a chair made for relaxing, sitting or semi-reclining for entertaining. This is a broad interpretation, leaving plenty of room for imagination on the design of the seat. This could come in the form of a chair, club chair or wingback. They can be high-end luxury, super-modern or classical traditional and in a variety of fabrics.

Club chair

This design comes from France and was first called a comfortable chair. The origins of the chair are murky, but it is believed the design was first seen in the Gentlemen’s Clubs, hence their name. They have evolved considerably since the early days and are now available in a variety of designs, materials and colours. However, the iconic club chair has a high back and rounded arms.

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Tub chairs

This chair is similar in design to the club chair and the name refers to the shape that looks like a tub. This chair is ideal for the comfort of the spine and back and combined with pillows provides better support. Often, these seats are recommended by doctors for people who suffer with a back injury.


Recliners are very popular and super comfortable. They usually include elements like a foot rest as well, which can be used by pulling a lever or electrical switches.

Wingback chair

It is also known as the seat of the fireplace with its high back, padding round the side and armrests. This traditional seat is usually layered, with a modern design highlighting the wingback, making them bigger and more prominent.

Swivel chair

Many easy chairs feature a swivel base design, allowing you to manoeuvre into the ideal place to find a cosy and comfortable seating position. This design is best presented in an easy chair but is also found in various types of other chairs too. For your own stunning easy chair, consider an iconic Eames Chair. A replica Eames Chair can be found at a site like Pash Classics.

A brief history of easy chairs

The concept of recliners, club chairs and wingbacks come from the 17th and 18th centuries wingback chairs originally designed to block the cold air from the doors and windows, so sitting in front of the fire, people could feel the full benefit of the warmth.

Club chairs from France grew in popularity around the world after the Second World War. The first club chairs were covered in sheepskin, using 6-8 skins to completely cover one seat. They were very durable though, which lasted for about 40 years.

The recliner was first seen in 1850 and designed by the French. It began life as a piece of furniture with multiple functions, one of which is sitting. It is believed that Napoleon III was the first to have such a seat.

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