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How to control work stress

Unfortunately, many people are affected by work-related stress. This article offers some tips that can be very useful to overcome.

Stress is a reaction to a certain extent natural that obeys a physiological response that is triggered by a situation that is perceived as threatening.

Stress becomes a condition when the reaction is disproportionate or, worse, when it is triggered in certain situations that do not have to force tensions.

A prototypical space in which these triggers and behaviors of stress are developed is in the company, the work stress.

control work stress
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Competition and conflict

It is an environment that can be highly competitive and especially conflicting for the personal sphere from the moment you set corporate goals and the media may not live up to the professional challenges.

Means that do not have to be physically obligatory, lack of materials, for example, are in many cases caused by misalignment motivated by lack of economic resources or constraints of time on the tasks to be performed.

The individual develops stress when you cannot adapt to a changing, demanding corporate environment, for which he is asked for physical dedication, hours of work, productivity and efficiency.

Control of work stress

An adequate control of the work stress can be the result of the combination of new attitudes to the personal situations that cause restlessness and nervousness, and, on the other, changes in the organization of the company that humanize the challenges of the tasks and place them in the Field of the possible and healthy.

In understandable terms, changes that make breaks, work shifts, instructions for carrying out technical processes, or establishing management guidelines that make communication between cadres and subordinates more emotional. Better working rules for environments create non-harmful work environments.

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Techniques against work stress

Within what is not the organization of the company, but competence and attitude of the worker who suffers from work stress, some techniques can be proposed that improve the response to situations that generate nervousness, or to mitigate its effects.

  • Breathing exercises: To relax, resulting in a cool, deliberate voluntary control of body oxygenation conditions. Something that can be seen as a formula of self-regulation and as a simple soothing.
  • Continued physical exercise and healthy diet.
  • Laughter Therapy: Forcing a controlled laughter, besides releasing the muscles of the face, which is often affected by the tense situation contributes to something as positive as a small but effective, release of endorphins, hormones of happiness advice? Two, three good ‘attacks of laughter’ at the stressful situation that overwhelms us.
  • Learning to do “asides”: At certain times of the day, especially in work breaks, learn to disconnect. Something that is vital in the lunches between part of the working day and another. A desired talk with co-workers can be good therapy. Remember, on the other hand, that eating peacefully is likewise part of healthy eating.
  • Parallel activities: It is a way of calling. Some people play solitaire with cards, play table games or develop some of their hand skills, usually relax them effectively. A detail. They have to be simple to play, and, of course, nothing complicated by their details and their attention needs. Otherwise, they would generate another type of stress.

Say goodbye to stress at work!

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