Yoga: 6 positions against the bloating!

Practicing yoga everyday has huge benefits on the body and mind, but you can also help to reduce the inconvenience caused by poor digestion and thus regain a flat stomach.

You have the swollen belly after meals? The yoga can free yourself from this annoying disorder, largely due to stress and poor eating habits, for example, that eating too quickly. Swollen belly is not necessarily overweight or adipose tissue accumulation, but, how do you explain our nutritionist, you only air, a consequence both of what we eat that our bacterial flora.

It is a widespread problem that affects a large number of people, especially women, and that is annoying, sometimes painful, and often causes psychological distress.

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Swollen belly: Yoga to overcome this annoying disorder

Take care of your nutrition and regain balance with lactic acid bacteria. Then to the Mediterranean diet and the practice of physical activity. But also practices yoga has beneficial effects against this disorder.

The yoga positions proposed by melarossa are allied to reduce belly bloating because in the practice of yoga position contracts the belly with each exhalation, performing a natural massage that favors the escape of intestinal gas and improves transit and digestion.

The yoga postures are not recommended after meals, but you can run them during the day, every day or when you feel your swollen belly! Seeing is believing!

1- Yoga: Kapalabathi or fire breathing

Sitting in a comfortable position on the floor, back and neck straight, shoulders relaxed and legs crossed. Put your hands on your legs and relax. You can do this exercise with your eyes closed for better focus on your breathing.

Inflates the inspiring belly (from the nose), and brings the stomach in exhaling. The sequence must be done as quickly as possible exhaling noisily. Take a break when you begin to feel dizzy. Then, inhale and bring your chin toward your chest and freezes your breath for 3 seconds, taking the stomach in and contracting the perineum. Exhale bringing  hygienic and freshly-scented in the initial position. When you become familiar with this position, you can repeat the cycle several times.

Warning: It is not recommended for those with heart problems, have high blood pressure, hernia, epilepsy.

2- Yoga: Uddiyana bandha

Standing, legs spread to the pelvis width. Bend your knees and place your hands on your thighs, torso bent forward, back straight, neck straight and chin toward your chest. Run breathing cycles for 10 seconds. Inspire! Exhale deeply emptying the lungs. Holding your breath, you brings the belly as much inward as you can by pressing his hands against his thighs and then gonfiala much as you can. Repeat the movement for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the sequence 5-6 times making breaks of 10 seconds between one cycle and the next.

Warning: This exercise is not recommended for pregnant women and people who have heart problems.

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3- Yoga: Bhujangasana (the cobra)

Lying on his stomach, legs closed, feet parallel, palms of the feet on the ground and arms along the body. You rests your forehead on the mat and press the pubis to the ground in order to realign the vertebrae of the spine. Stomach in.

You brings the palms of your hands at shoulder height, elbows bent close to the body. Inspire!

Exhale applies pressure with your hands and lift your torso bringing your chin upwards till your arms outstretched. Keep ground the pelvis and legs.

Always exhale, open your chest toward the ceiling. Inspire!

Hold the position and perform five deep breaths. Return to the starting position and repeat the cobra position 3 times.

Warning: Get to your limit and never overcome it! This exercise is not recommended for those with joint problems (neck, elbows, shoulders), you suffers from lower back pain and pregnant women.

4- Yoga: Salhabasana (locust)

Lying on the ground face down, you brings your arms under the belly and hands under your thighs with your palms facing the ground. Contract your back, buttocks and calves. Inspire!

Exhale and lift your feet off the ground, legs straight, and hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths.

Warning: Not recommended for pregnant women and those suffering from back pain.

5- Yoga: Balsana (the baby’s position)

Knees to the floor, sit on your heels. Put your hands on the ground and his forehead on the mat. Inspire!

Breathing out, bring your arms straight in front of you and hold the position for 30 seconds by performing respiratory cycles.

Warning: Not recommended for those with knee problems (to run, rest them on a pillow), to those who suffer from hypertension and pregnant women.

6- Yoga: Viparita karani (semicapovolta)

Lying on the floor on your back with your legs together, arms at your sides, inhale.

Breathing out, bring your legs to 90 degrees, lift the supporting her back with your hands while keeping your legs straight. Ankles at eye level. You leans back on your hands and relaxed. Hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths with slow deep breaths gradually increasing the running time up to 5 minutes. Go back to the starting position, unrolling the vertebra after vertebra column and finally ground legs.

Warning: It is not recommended for those suffering from cervical, during menstruation or pregnancy.

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