Best Ways to Stay Healthy while on Holiday

Going on a holiday vacation with your loved ones or your entire family can be a really exciting and fulfilling moment for everyone. This is especially true for the kids as they seldom get to leave home once school starts. However, a holiday vacation in a foreign land can bring quite a few surprises that can turn your otherwise fun adventures into a nightmare. Here are some of the best ways to stay healthy while on holiday so you’ll get the most of the season’s festivities.

Make sure you’re protected.

Traveling to a foreign land is quite risky since you’ll never know if you’ll be sick or sustain an injury while on a holiday. And while the host country can have the best health care facilities and services in the world, owing to the fact that you’re a foreigner, the cost of these services are usually prohibitive. If you’re from the EU or EFTA and you’re going to spend a holiday in any of these countries as well, then you may want to bring with you your European Health Insurance Card. For example, the EHIC card UK gives to its nationals can be used in 31 different countries in Europe, giving its nationals access to the public health services of these countries at no charge or for a very minimal fee. If not, you may have to beef up on your travel insurance.


Get pre-travel immunizations.

Depending on the country where you’re going to spend your holiday, it is important to take the necessary immunizations or vaccinations to help you beef up your immune system. At least, your body is more than ready to face any threat from microorganisms which may be present in the water and the food in the country where you’ll be vacationing. It is also important to talk with your primary care physician regarding the correct immunizations to take.

Take note of everyone’s allergy histories.

If you’re traveling with your family, make sure you know the different things that each family member is allergic to. It is also crucial to bring along an antihistamine preparation or any anti-allergy medication. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this and don’t forget to bring any formal documentation as to the purpose of these medications. Many countries today don’t allow the importation of foreign medications without proper documentation.

Know the rules.

This cannot be stressed enough. Other countries may have certain rules that is different from what you have back home. It is therefore, crucial to learn about the different laws or rules that are currently observed in the country where you’re going to visit. This also includes the different activities that you are planning to engage in while on a holiday. For instance, if you intend on skiing in the Alps, make sure you understand the basics of such an activity so you can better prepare yourself and the rest of your family.

Going on a holiday is great for the whole family. By considering these very simple things, you can ensure a more memorable holiday vacation for everyone.

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