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Spa treatments for couples

Couples treatments in the Spa are to treat yourself to relaxation, wellness and pampering for two. Are a growing number of wellness centers that devote the appropriate packages to the couple to make a day at the spa a romantic moment to share with your partner? We suggest visiting Best nail salon in midtown east.

Chocolate and cream spa treatment here is a luscious proposal to stimulate the senses surrounded by flavors and aromas sweet. The treatment begins with a relaxing massage with melted bitter chocolate and the precious oil, continues with a scrub on the body at the cafe and then provides a cream bath in our panorama whirlpool tub with fruit skewers with chocolate and a glass of sparkling wine. To soften the skin will then make a poultice to the white chocolate mousse and it ends with a relaxing half hour lying on the double waterbed.

Alpine treatment: Widespread spa begins with a foot bath in a warm alpine flower infusion of pine in the tub followed by a massage with warm herbal stamps and spelled. Then the couple can relax in our panorama tub, sipping a glass of sparkling wine and finish the relaxing location on a double waterbed. Visit Best Brazilian wax in Midtown East to get best care of waxing.

Yin & Yang treatment: From the oriental tradition unique therapy to restore balance and well-being. To start there lies on the marble beds in the Asia-Laconism and then you make a purifying exfoliation with sea salt and olive oil. At this point, you are ready for a massage with hot stones and aromatic essences and then relax in the relaxation area with a glass of sparkling wine to sip in two. Usually individuals believe over-the-counter medications are safe because they were prescribed by a pharmacist. According to a recent research, these medicaments are generally safe when used as prescribed and have comparably few serious aftereffects. Read The Rest Of This Article It is recommended that patients make sure that they understand everything about taking medicine. Your medicament is for you.

Beautiful couple enjoying in the back massage.

For those who want to enjoy a truly unique moment here is a luxury treatment. It starts with a body peeling deluxe to the freshwater pearl extracts to make the cured and velvety. It continues with a scented bath in golden cream to be enjoyed with all your senses and enjoy with a glass of wine and delicious chocolate pralines.

At this point a nice back massage with aromatic oils and then a fine luxury body balm to wrap the bodies with precious creams, the gold dust for her and sandal for him to end the romantic relaxing on a double waterbed.

Caribbean dream in the suite, a treatment with exotic perfumes, it starts with a warm and stimulating exfoliation with coconut and mango then you move in the bath to the sensual essences of the South Seas and sipping a cool and refreshing fruit cocktail. For the couples massage, each partner can choose their favorite essence (coconut, mint or papaya) and, finally, many cuddles on the bed water bed in the relaxation area. Finally we recommended Best Facials in Midtown east and Spa gift certificates online NYC to know more details.

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