4 yoga postures to reduce back pain

Thanks to yoga postures also stretch the back and prevent contractures, we managed to relax the whole area and we relieve pain as well as preventing future occurrence.

Back pain has become one of the most common complaints of all people, since the use of technological devices and their potential causes of stress apparition are continuing.

Most often, the pain goes away with a little rest and some analgesic consumption; however, it can sometimes stay longer than normal to require another type of treatment.

Although at first glance does not seem appropriate, practice some yoga postures can serve as therapy to improve this symptom.

Through this it helps stimulate circulation and muscle tension that prevents quickly calm condition is relieved.

This time we want to reveal the 4 best not to hesitate to practice them at home or in some office space. Live Up Yourself!

Yoga postures
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1. Fists flexed forward

This movement provides the stretch required for stressed muscles of the spine and stimulates the nervous system.

How to do it?

  • Stand on a yoga mat and separates the feet to the width of the hips.
  • Bend your knees and bend so that takes the torso over the legs until the thighs touch the belly.
  • Make two fists and place them in the folds of opposite elbows.
  • Relaxes the back, neck and head, and clenches his fists.
  • Perform 10 to 20 repetitions, inhaling and exhaling.

2. Table against the wall

This movement is a bit more complex and requires a lot of practice to do it the right way. It is ideal for pain in the lower back, but also to ease the tension in the upper body.

How to do it?

  • Stand facing a wall with arms outstretched, and tilts the body forward, placing your palms on the wall, fingers stretched well.
  • Reaffirms the position of the fingers on the wall and draws the navel back as’re stretching your tailbone toward the floor.
  • Lift the ribs from the pelvis, so that you achieve a natural curvature of the lumbar region and an active belly.
  • Keep your spine straight and begins to walk with your legs back, bending at the waist and reaching form an L.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 breaths and return to the starting position.

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3. Downward Facing Dog

The dog upside down or “Adho Mukha Svanasana” is an ideal position to heat as it involves stretching of the entire body. Tones spinal nerves and promotes blood circulation from the bottom to the leather head. It also serves to strengthen the muscles and joints of the arms, legs, neck and back. The price of prescription remedies can be steep in America, many times more than what consumers from other countries pay for the same drugs. Whether you already have a prescription from your pharmacist, or need to get remedy prescribed conveniently, online prescription services offer you more choice with managing medication. E-commerce is coming to the industry. Very likely the biggest attractions of online services is convenience. However understanding why your medicaments are so costly doesn’t solve the problem for you.

How to do it?

  • Put yourself in doggy position, with width apart hips and palms as a fulcrum foot.
  • Then supports the metatarsals and stand in downward facing dog.
  • It is important not arch your back too much can get back because bad shape muscles.
  • Lift the front ribs to give him firmly on the shoulders and spine.
  • Push your tailbone toward your heels and pressed again through the inside and outside of the foot.

4. Child

The “Balasana” or position of the child is a relaxed movement that generates a stretching asset to lengthen the spine. It serves to rest between exercises or end a stretching routine. It is recommended to calm the tension associated with stress.

How to do it?

  • Turn around and get in position four points for the child’s posture one or several minutes.
  • Try the pose with knees apart, toes in contact and then knees together for a stretch of the spinal cord.
  • If your head does not reach the floor, place a yoga block or points on the forehead to relax you completely.
  • The arms can also be put on the sides of the body.
  • Inhale deeply and on each exhale tension feels like it is dissolving.

As you can notice is very easy to do some yoga postures to increase our sense of well being. If you combine with breathing exercises or meditation can them out many benefits for the balance of your body and mind.

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