Some of the benefits of yoga, not only for health

There are many interpretations about the benefits of yoga but who practice yoga certainly get an increase in physical and mental wellbeing.

My mother says that when she was young, and her grandmother used to say this proverb: “Nobody escarpment by somebody else.” And if you do what I bring to you today, shaking all the dust of the past, it is because this proverb expresses a great truth with regard to the issue that I share with you: You will not know the benefits of yoga until you practice and have your own experience.

But hey, maybe you’re a person who has only heard of yoga and arguments need to know what you venture company. It is normal, so come with me to know, roughly, what are you going to spend from now soul, heart and life for a very important time of your life, because I’m pretty sure I’ll stay!

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What is Yoga?

The word yoga is derived from the root “Yuj” which means union. Yoga works this union of body, soul and mind with himself and with the universe. The division is a fiction to which the Hindus call “the illusion of reality”.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that comes from the East, specifically India, with a tradition of over 5000 years. Arguably much, but synthesizing: Yoga is a technique that works the mind, body and spirit.

Has variants depending on where practiced: India, Tibet, etc. It is an intuitive and practical knowledge. Advocates of self imperative that space you need to know who you are and what purpose has to go in your life. This can reach it through the practice of meditation.

When did the practice of Yoga?

Do not think that is a recent practice far as there is archaeological evidence found in the Indus Valley and the Saraswati, the year 3000 BC, specifically carved stones that reproduce some yoga positions and postures of meditation. It is assumed that this activity was a kind of ritual discipline and is regarded as the oldest ancestor yoga.

It is related practice of Yoga with religion

For the founders, religion and health go together. For them, heal involved heal the body and heal the spirit. In contrast, in the West, the practice of yoga with religion dissociates, giving much strength to the power of yoga to prevent and cure diseases, as well as to maintain a balanced and peaceful life.

It is not worshiped a god or a goddess religion and spirituality is by truck, by communion with all human beings, with nature and everything around us.

Is there any medical specialty resort to yoga as a complementary treatment technique?

Among the many friends and there are many whose doctors have recommended a healthier lifestyle, specifically telling them the practice of yoga, either to relieve stress, relieve stress, strengthen the spine, etc.

Many therapists and therapists, concerned about the ineffectiveness of other treatments to solve problems of postures and bodily and mental tensions have indicated yoga to their patients with excellent results.

On numerous occasions, people who have come to yoga to counteract a disease or out of a crisis, they have seen that they have not only achieved, but, according to his doctors, have dispensed partially or totally of drugs they were taking before start practice.

Are there many different types of Yoga?

If there are many: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Sapta Yoga … All work and it is only a matter of to investigate a little bit or you to submit to trial and error (stop chastened by somebody else and experience for yourself) so you see with what you get. In our community, we practice Hatha Yoga with great results for everyone.

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Is the practice of Yoga should be carried out in a special environment?

For Hatha Yoga, which is generally practiced in the West, a place to fit your mat is needed and has some space on the sides (about 3 square meters).

It is important to feel comfortable, without heat or cold. It may also be useful complementary accessories such as blocks, belts and blankets. The environment should allow concentration and comfort of movement.

What is the proper attire?

You should only take into account the comfort of the clothes you wear, to allow you to completely do all the asanas with ease.

Why must remove your shoes?

Because the positions work the muscles of the foot. It works with force not only the legs but also the fingers. The different positions involve positions of the foot which are not readily achievable with footwear. Also because in this way we avoid resbalarnos and is also a way to be closer to the earth, more connected with her.

Are there different positions to achieve different objectives?

Yes, there are different positions and among all cover large spectrum within the field body-mind-spirit.

A regular yoga practitioner achieves a balanced state of peace, serenity and joy, through performing the asanas or postures, relaxation, breathing, meditation and yoga generally take as a lifestyle.

What are the physiological benefits of yoga practice?

There are many signs on the benefits of Yoga for surely those who practice it gets an increase in both physical and mental and spiritual well-being, as I said before. Here are some:

  • Improves flexibility, muscle tone and overall fitness.
  • An energy change that modifies the entire functioning of the body, balancing occurs.
  • Yoga works on the Chakras, energy centers that are located in certain parts of the body. Is achieved harmonize the physical area where they are located, allowing the energy to circulate, flows freely.

This time I wanted to give you, an overview of what is yoga and other frequently asked questions that usually me in class or in the community.

And as much to say, I encourage you to continue sharing with me in another forthcoming. If you have something more to contribute, any questions, please leave me a comment.

Now I only wish you a happy day, while I salute the divinity in you.

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