Three Types of Butterfly to Look for at this Time of Year

Now that summer is here, one of the most loved insects are out and about – the butterfly. There are hundreds of species of butterfly that are native to Britain and Ireland, some which are more commonly seen than others, as some are endangered or favour particular habitats.

Now is a great time of the year to go butterfly spotting on a sunny day – however, if you are going out in the countryside it is still wise to make sure that you have something warm to wrap up in like this irish sweater for men – here are some of the butterflies to look out for at this time of the year…

Brimstone – This striking yellowy green butterfly can be found most commonly in the woodlands of Britain and Ireland. It actually hibernates over the winter months, so is one of the few butterflies to spend more of its life as an adult than as a caterpillar. Its caterpillars feed on buckthorn and alder buckthorn, plants that are mostly found in damp woodland areas.

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Comma – This is a butterfly that is coming back from the brink! Small and ragged looking, it gets the name from the white mark on the wings that looks like a comma. It was restricted for some time to Herefordshire and Gloucestershire until the 1960s when it started to spread further once again. The humble stinging nettle is the plant that the young feed on.

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High Brown Fritillary – Head down to Deon to see these beautiful butterflies – they have declined over 90 percent in the last few decades, and now you will only find them in certain areas, often making things confusing for a spotter as they can also be seen flying with the green fritillary.

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