How can I iron a man’s shirt in just 5 minutes

A shirt is an indispensable attribute of any business person’s wardrobe. It is worn by men and women. To look perfect, you need to iron the man’s shirt after washing. After all, you can look neat only in well-ironed clothes.

Many people do not like to iron such things, since they consist of more details than, for example, trousers or a skirt. However, this can be done easily and quickly, knowing how to properly iron the shirt.

Let’s discuss how to iron a man’s shirt. How to do it right?

Basic ironing rulesman's shirt

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for ironing the product. The number of dots on the iron on the label indicates the required ironing temperature. So, one point is low temperature, two points are average, three points are a high temperature. Read more: Easy healthy lifestyle! 36 Simple Tips for Every Da

  • Clothing is properly ironed before packing at the factory. In the future, you should try to keep the original look of the product.
  • At the first ironing, it is necessary to check the endurance of the fabric to the temperature of the iron in a small area from the underside of the product. If the sole of the iron starts to stick, you need to stop ironing and lower the temperature. The highest temperatures are able to withstand only 100% cotton. The more in the product of synthetic additives, the more carefully you need to choose the temperature for ironing. In addition, delicate ironing is required for silk, satin, and similar fabrics.
  • It is recommended not to dry clothes completely before ironing. Lightly damp things are much easier to iron.
  • It is desirable to iron the shirt from the wrong side so as not to damage the fabric from the front side. It is also much easier to smooth out all the folds of the product in this way.
  • You can not iron the buttons on your clothes. They can deform or even melt from this and damage the sole of the iron.
  • It is undesirable to iron a worn thing since after that it will not be possible to remove the contamination from it.
  • It is desirable to try to keep in original form the original folds of the product in the area of darts on sleeves, shelves and back. Do not smooth them, because this will only add work.
  • The simplest way is to smooth the sleeves with the arrows. You can create such arrows by yourself if they are not provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is undesirable to wet the product strongly with ironing (spraying water) because from this the fabric can change color, and also become stained.
  • You can steam the product with an iron. The stronger the pairs, the more effectively the thing is smoothed out. Read more: 7 main myths about nutrition and training, in which it’s time to stop believing!

Iron mattersman's shirt

Ironing of the shirt becomes easier with a quality iron. This household appliance is able to facilitate the ironing process as much as possible thanks to its functions:

  • high power;
  • modes for different tissues;
  • the possibility of steaming;
  • a comfortable covering of the sole for better slip.

Even better, if the iron has vertical steaming. It allows you to pre-treat heavily crumpled things immediately before ironing, or even completely remove the thing from delicate fabrics. Using an iron makes it possible to perfectly iron all the details of the shirt.

And if there is no iron?man's shirt

If the iron is not at hand, the task becomes more complicated. Few know how to iron a shirt without iron. You can, of course, go to the laundry or dry cleaning, if time permits. To solve the problem on your own, you need to use other methods.

So that the fabric does not crumple while washing, you can put it on a folded-out mode. After this, it is important to quickly hang the thing on the hangers in a well-ventilated room. However, often washing clothes in this mode is not recommended, since it can quickly lose shape.

If there is no such function in the washing machine, you can try to straighten the crumpled thing by hanging it over a pot of boiling water. The steam action should help to break the product. In this case, it is desirable to hang the shirt over the dishes in advance, so as not to burn yourself with steam. In addition, you can use steam from hot water in the bath, hanging clothes over it on the shoulders.

There is another way. Mix in equal proportions 9% vinegar with conditioner for linen and cold water. This mixture is sprayed onto the clothes with a spray gun. After this, the thing must be dried naturally (without the use of heating devices).

You can try putting clothes under the mattress. In this case, it is desirable that the bottom of the bed was even, rather than ribbed. But this method is not very effective in relation to shirts.

Rules for ironing the man’s shirtman's shirt

The algorithm for ironing the shirt has its own. Someone starts stroking the collar, someone from the front, someone from the sleeves. The main thing in this matter, so to speak, automate the process so that it takes less time.

As a sample of how to quickly and correctly iron a shirt with a long sleeve, you can use the following algorithm.

  • The collar is ironed on both sides. The front part (corners) is especially carefully machined.
  • The back is ironed.
  • The front shelves are ironed with the transition to the backrest on the sides. If necessary, the pockets are ironed on both sides.
  • To iron, the shoulders and the narrow part of the sleeve, use a narrow ironing board or special stand.

Sleeves and cuffs are ironed on both sides. For ironing sleeves without arrows, it is also advisable to use a special stand. Thus it is necessary to try not to crumple the already processed parts of the product.

It should be noted that classic man’s shirts are not so difficult to iron as women’s blouses. Straight cut shirts can be steamed without any problems over a container with hot water. Well, if you prefer to iron by all the rules, then follow our advice. Over time, you get to iron one shirt in just 5 minutes.

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