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Stiff neck: What is that?

Stiffness and pain in the neck can answer many causes, so it will always be a specialist who will give us more accurate diagnosis.

The stiff neck can respond to various causes. However, one thing must be clear: it is a condition that cannot be neglected and deserves our attention.

Most often due to overloading or bad move but sometimes if that stiff neck accompanied by nausea, dizziness and fever, may be due to a bacterial infection.

So today in our space we invite you to learn more information about this type of musculature problem we should not overlook.

When the trouble is lengthened beyond five days, you should consult your doctor.

Stiff neck
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Stiff neck: Symptoms and possible origins

First, we know that the neck-the neck consists of multiple vertebrae extending from the skull to the upper torso.

It is a very complex, perfect and subtle composition of cervical discs, bones, ligaments and muscles that orchestrate our moves.

However, before any bad move, position or in the presence of a virus or bacteria, inflammation, discomfort and pain may appear.

Let us now see what might be the possible causes and symptoms…

Muscle tension

The stiffness in the neck, in most cases, is due to a muscle strain or muscle sprain.

It is something we have all experienced at one time and that also has to do with a concrete structure: a nearby muscle that connects the scapula and cervical spine from the neck to the shoulders.

This muscle, in turn, is controlled by two cervical nerves are also often inflamed, and hence, the feeling of stiffness and pain.

It is important to note that the scapula and its associated structures are often affected by various actions we take in everyday incorrectly without realizing it…

  • Activities that require turning the head from side to side for many hours, such as working with the computer, do a manual task, etc.
  • Adopt a poor posture when we are sleeping.
  • Stress, for example, tends to exert great strain on this area of our body.
  • It is important in turn take into account the position in which we get when we talk on the phone.


Patients suffering from fibromyalgia often have an incisive pain and located at strategic points on the body that initially may be confused with arthritis.

However, it has nothing to do with this ailment.

Fibromyalgia is associated primarily with a much focused tenderness in the neck, shoulder blades, hips or knees.

This area between the head and shoulders in a area where a traumatic experienced hypersensitivity. Hence, it is very common that up in the morning with a stiff neck without knowing very well why.

It would be an indicator of fibromyalgia we should consider. What’s the best treatment option, anyway? Pharmacist are trained in how to give you medication safely. Make sure you purchase Fluconazole from a well-respected internet drugstore because it is one of the most counterfeited remedies in the world. Other available example is Fluconazole. However is this actually a good idea for you?

Also, think about buy Fluconazole. Still, it is important to know that prescription medications misuse can have undesirable medical consequences. Absolutely you must take potentially serious side effects in consideration before purchasing Fluconazole.

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Meningitis or infection

The stiff neck, as you mentioned, is almost always due to an overload or a muscle strain. If so, the discomforts will subsiding and after one week, and we will feel better and neck mobility should be complete.

  • Now if this pain in the neck also causes high fever, headache, nausea or vomiting and drowsiness you need us to go to the emergency room immediately.
  • It is a professional who offers us the diagnosis but, generally, it could be due to a bacterial infection that causes inflammation of the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord.
  • The main indicator is always high fever, a natural reaction of our body to eliminate a pathogen or infection. Sometimes that stiff neck may also be related to problems in the spine.

Anyway, our doctor who will always give us the diagnosis.

Remedies for neck pain

Do not force the movements of the neck and shoulders during the first days. Always tries to exert a harmonious mobility respecting the back-neck axis.

  • As the pain subsides, and can carry out small movements left and right, very smoothly.
  • Make use of hot and cold therapy in the neck area.
  • The warm baths are very suitable.
  • The rub with rosemary essential oil also offers you relief.
  • Analgesics and anti-inflammatory prescribed us the medical relieve pain but do not overdo their consumption and combine them, for example, with infusions of ginger.

The help of physiotherapists is exceptional in these cases. They are also those who advise us on how to take care of our postures and movements never to have this problem. For more health tips visit

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