Three routines less than 10 minutes to get fit on the beach

No excuses to train in summer or even when on vacation, because with very little movement time you can achieve great results. So today we have three routines less than 10 minutes to get in shape on the beach.

The advantages of training on the beach

The beach can become a training ground perfect, as we enjoy the air, sun and water while working our body.

Thus, the beach can afford to train more intensely than in an enclosed space or even in solid ground, because the sand is a less stable surface.

Three routines
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In addition, training on the beach we keep enjoying it and can get a tan while we exercise our muscles and be fresh and tap water during movement.

On the other hand, if we are on vacation, train on the beach allows us to continue with the routine of the summer break while working the body. So, we leave three short routines to get fit in the middle of the beach in no time.

Routine 1: HIIT running

To take advantage of the beach and feel the cool temperature of the wet sand at our feet while we burn fat and calories, we propose a HIIT routine running:

We only run at the highest possible speed for about 20 seconds and return to starting walking site so partially recover before starting again.

We can repeat this about 5 or 6 times or even more, to train high intensity intervals that will enhance fat burning and caloric expenditure skyrocket.

Of course, remember train in heat and gradually return to calm before implementing this simple but effective routine.

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Routine 2: Intense circuit

To work different muscles of the body and burn calories in just 6 minutes, we can use the following circuit:

The first post of the circuit must perform pushups, about 15 repetitions, and then we run to the other extreme and leaping strides perform 15 repetitions too. We return to the starting position as a bear walking or doing an exercise called bear crawl, and ended up training abdomen with bicycles, 15 reps too.

Thus, for 6 minutes, without rest we culminate exhausted and we can work lower and upper body and middle of the body burn calories while on the beach, in a very short time.

Routine 3: Tabata

One method of testing at intervals of high intensity is the Tabata, proposing to conduct eight intervals of 20 seconds each interspersed with each other for only 10 seconds of rest.

Thus, in just 4 minutes training culminates proposing to conduct as many repetitions in the 20-second interval.

Different movements and / or exercises for each interval are proposed that will burn fat and calories in a very short time.

With this routine work the whole body burn calories while on the beach and as we always say, do not forget to warm up and make a proper cool -down for this kind of routines so intense.

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