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Getting the most out of retirement plans

When it’s time to retire, our heads can become full of ideas, so where do you start? There is so much you want to accomplish now that you have retired. How do you make sure you are working towards your goal every day? How do you stay focused without being distracted? When we make a decision – and set a date – for retirement, we are filled with excitement of all the things we will now have time for.

A satisfying and happy retirement is one where you follow your dreams for a meaningful purpose. How do we keep up this initial excitement and optimism, paying attention to our goals and making sure we achieve them?

Retirement goals

Happiness should be a goal in itself. What are your personal goals for retirement? Do you continue in some form of work or business and if so, what are your professional goals? What major changes will occur in your life?

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There is no better time than now to learn new skills or return to an old hobby. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to start planning. A good method is to address each goal one by one. Identify one goal and then apply the following four steps:

Clarify in your mind what you want to achieve. Write down the results that you have decided. Mark the date you want to accomplish your goal in your diary or calendar and set it to no more than 12 months from now.

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Next, think about the performance. What do you need to happen in order to achieve results?

Activity. Write down what you need to do to meet the performance objectives and results.

What action you need to take the next and when you will do it? How much time do you need to spend on certain tasks? Write down the tasks and when they need to be done.

Being productive

Check goals and progress each week. Often delays will occur but just ensure there are no issues that could threaten to sabotage your best laid plans. Know the night before what you will do tomorrow and when you will do it.

Set aside time each day to focus on your goals. While you are working on your project, turn off your phone, ignore emails and social media to allow you to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

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Why time is so precious

Retirement gives us more of what we value above all else, and that is time. No wonder the thought of retirement makes us very happy.

Time is one thing we can never go back. No people have more time than others. As time passes, it is gone forever.  This is why time is of such value to us. The freedom to do what we want with our time is the greatest gift of all. Make your plans to retire happy and start today.



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