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Three Tips for a Truly Pristine Beard

A beard can be a wonderful thing. This view is shared by an ever-growing number of enthusiasts who account for the recent surge in beard popularity over the last few years, and thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to find advice and products for facial hair maintenance.

Below is our roundup of just three of some of the most effective ways to care for and treat your beard.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

This is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of facial hair care. Just like any other type of hair, beards need regular washing and shampooing to look their best, and most serious facial hair owners will have some kind of care regimen in place. In addition to shampooing, it might also be worth treating your beard with conditioner; the effects will not be quite as visible as they would with head hair but it can add additional shine and smoothness. Many people choose to use shampoos and conditioners that have been specially formulated for beards because regular hair care products strip the hair of its natural oils and can cause dryness and irritation.

Three Tips for a Truly Pristine Beard

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Care and Styling Products

A number of additional products are currently available that can be used to help look after facial hair, such as beard oils and waxes. Products such as oils or creams can be useful because they hydrate the hair and the skin underneath. This can help prevent possible dryness. Dehydration of the area of skin underneath the beard can lead to irritation and even beard dandruff. Many retailers, such as Henry Tibbs and others, sell both scented and non-scented options, and the scents themselves are alcohol-free.

Waxes are used for styling and shaping, especially for the finer points of facial hair and moustaches. When it comes to using wax and styling, it’s mostly subjective. However, you should avoid using too much or it will invariably make your hair look greasy.

Combing, Brushing, Detangling

Regardless of how fine or coarse your facial hair is, it’s always worth regularly combing or brushing and the best time for this is after you have washed it. A wider-toothed comb or even a brush can be great for tidying up the typically thicker lower facial hair, whereas a fine-toothed comb is more suitable for moustache and upper facial hair.

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