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3 Reasons Dental Care Is Important

While it is important to know the basics of proper at-home dental hygiene, there are significant reasons for taking care of your teeth and gums that go beyond cavities and cosmetics. A dental practice that provides comprehensive services not only can help you understand the importance of oral health but makes it easier for you to establish a relationship with professionals who already know your history and whom you already know and trust. When looking for the best family dentist Newport News VA, you may want to discuss some of the following dental and overall health issues and what you can do to help prevent them.

1. Structural Integrity

When the teeth and gums are not cleaned consistently and thoroughly by brushing and flossing, bacteria build up and start to degrade the surface of the teeth and inflame the gums. This leads to holes in the tooth enamel and gum disease, which causes tooth decay and loosens the gums around the teeth, allowing bacteria to travel outside the mouth through the bloodstream. As gum disease worsens, recession occurs and can lead to advanced periodontal cleaning and potential surgery.

2. Bone Density Health

Keeping on top of your oral health also plays a major role in maintaining the jawbone. As you age, the density of the jawbone naturally decreases. Unhealthy teeth and gums can cause this bone loss to occur earlier and at a faster pace. Bone loss can eventually lead to tooth loss. Without enough bone to support tooth implants, you may end up with dentures sooner than you had hoped.

3. Overall Health

Research has uncovered a link between oral health and other health concerns. These studies show how poor dental health can lead to other diseases related to the heart and kidneys as well as osteoporosis. Medical and dental professionals are now working together to get to the source of various health issues so they can better identify causation and improve prevention.

These are just a few of the ways both oral and other health problems can be avoided with quality professional dental care and a thorough, consistent personal routine.

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