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Aggressive Sports Therapy Keeps You In the Game

The benefits of sports therapy are not limited to elite athletes. Anyone who enjoys working out may find a time in their life when they require physical therapy. Sports therapy may be recommended to help you recover from an injury or to prevent an injury from developing in the first place. Top notch, aggressive sports therapy can limit downtime, boost performance, and allow you to participate in the sport you love.
Finding the ideal facility for physical therapy treatment can be tough. You want someone who can assess your injury or weakness, devise a plan for treatment, and help you meet that benchmark. Because you will be working closely with this person, you need to feel comfortable with them and confident in their recommendations. You also need someone who knows how to push you without risking injury, but hard enough that you make progress.

The idea of physical therapy for sports performance can be intimating for many people. They may feel like they are not a serious enough athlete to require sports training, that the trainer will feel they are wasting their time, or that they are not athletic enough to benefit from sports specific training. None of these things could be further from the truth. The everyday athlete can benefit just as much from sports training as the elite athlete.

Physical therapy NYC style can involve several components. The motion lab is a high tech area where specialists can analyze your gait, swing, pitch, or any other motion you can think of. Using this high tech analysis, your therapist will determine if you are moving your body in the most efficient way possible. By fixing mechanical issues in your stride or swing, you not only reduce your risk of injury, you also improve your performance.

Whether you are coming back from a severe injury or just noticing a twinge of pain, sports therapy can help keep you going. Your therapist will provide a physical examination, then get to work with exercises geared to strengthen weak body parts, improve alignment, and get your body working as efficiently as possible. All of the trainers at The Athletic Training Center hold degrees in exercise science, kinesiology, or human physiology. They use this knowledge to assess your current condition, help you set realistic goals, and then meet those goals, all while helping you remain injury free.

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