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The myth of diets and strategies detoxification or detox

Kidneys, liver, skin and lungs detoxify the body without “help”. Nobody escapes today to offer services, products and treatments that invite you to detoxify the body. Juices, teas, colon cleansing, diet consisting of eating a single food, is a strategy of charlatans. Do not let reading this article so you know that instead of falling into traps, there is an easier way to stay healthy.

Of course the idea that there is a quick and easy method to detoxify the body indulgences that every day many make with food, alcohol, drugs and toxins they produce, is attractive. So, today, it has created an entire industry of detoxification or detox promoting services, products and treatments that promise to cleanse the body of impurities and leave as new.

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But before you start taking only vegetable juices or you ask for an appointment at a beauty center to make it a colon cleansing, there’s something you should know: decontaminate understood from that perspective, it is a lie. It is a concept that really only exists to sell you things.

According to the professor of complementary medicine, Edzart Ernst of the University of Exeter in England, the only valid type of detoxification is one that is focused on people suffering from drug addiction. The rest, according to the respected specialist, is nothing more than a new way to extort money from people.

In 2009, a network of scientists in the UK contacted the manufacturers of 15 products (diet supplements, shampoos and shakes) for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets who claimed to have the ability to detoxify the body. However, when scientists asked them about the evidence that supported the claim that detoxified, none of the manufacturers knew how to respond, much less define what the “toxins” that helped eliminate were.

Ernst clearly explains that the body has its own mechanisms and organs of detoxification. What then are the kidneys, liver, skin, and even the lungs but to excrete what does not serve you? A healthy body does not need additional help to get rid of what wastes that harm.

However, you may be wondering, what is the best way to detoxify the body healthy? The answer is simple: having a good diet and exercising regularly.

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But somehow, the market for detoxification methods and products or “detox” continues to grow and people spend a lot of money on it. Experts warn that because people tend to believe what the public says, without questioning and that the idea of helping the body to get rid of what does not, is somehow attractive.

Many of the decisions that consumers are based on ignorance and assumptions and are rarely based on correct information. So they say psychologists at City University in London, England.

I advise you before falling into this trap, review your habits and health publish from the principal: your diet. A healthy and balanced, along with regular exercise and adequate rest, diet is the best way to stay healthy and thus you allow natural detoxification mechanisms having your body work great. If there is any problem for your body to excrete something normally and is causing you any symptoms, I recommend that you go to the doctor. The body has the laboratory needs to detoxify, you just need to treat it well. Using some of these products and several of these “cleanings” are definitely not between what is considered to treat it well.

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