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Foods that worsen your inflammation

The consumption of certain foods is associated with increased intensity of chronic inflammatory. Here we will show you what foods to avoid, in case you intend to better control chronic inflammation are. Minimizes consumption and will reduce the discomfort and pain. While it might seem that, the resulting diet is very limited, as the effects are almost immediate.

Fried foods

Fats are being your worst enemy and you know very well, but not always resist the temptation of good fries. These foods produce too much anxiety.

What you must remember is the importance of a balanced diet and your body needs supplies fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. It is best to eat foods without passing oil. Avoid l as high temperatures, as certain oils become trans fats, which worsen inflammation.

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It is therefore advisable that you avoid these foods. A diet too rich in trans fats promote you recover. Vegetable oils such as soybean, corn, sunflower or margarines are concentrated vegetable omega 6. If you regularly consume these products can contribute to increased discomfort of the disease.

Sugar and foods rich in carbohydrates

These foods increases insulin production. This hormone is responsible for organizing the sugars that are absorbed by your body. Alone, since these increase the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. Besides that, a diet too rich in these foods, especially when associated with a sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain.

You will see that your belly grows enough because of lack of exercise, but also by the inflammatory factor. Cakes, cookies and snacks made with hydrogenated vegetable fat contribute to worsen the chronic disease. This effect also appears when you consume too much some graham crackers.

In the end, it may not be as healthy as they may seem. Remember that it is advisable to eat few carbohydrates based products. Instead of biscuits, choose a salad or a handful of nuts.

White bread and similar products

White bread refined flour contains almost entirely. Therefore, it is not recommended high consumption in the daily diet. Some processed products made with oil, margarine or whose labels mentioned hydrogenated vegetable fat are also high in these fats and flour.

This is the case of the pastry dough, dough base for pizza, different snacks and ready to eat frozen products already sold. In case you want to eat bread or any of these products, we recommend that you prepare at home.

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Fatty meats

Red meat, even without visible fat should be eaten little since its fat content is always higher than in other proteins. Pork is one of the most affected, because not only contains fat. It is also rich in other compounds that increase the inflammatory processes, especially allergies.

Eggs and dairy products, particularly the fattier cheeses also contain these fats. Therefore, it is preferable to eat lighter cheeses. Opt for cottage cheese or panela cheese low fat. The sausages have the same problem: they contain saturated fat, which can end up being a good thing, but this does not mean they are healthy.

Remember that the best way to consume this meat is cooked on the grill or in any version, that does not add fat. In addition, you should accompany them with a good portion of vegetables to counteract some effects of fats.

The yogurt

Generally, yogurt is related to healthy diet plans. The problem comes when you buy versions with fruit added to the mixture. All yogurts contain lactose and sugar, which helps in inflammatory processes. Ideally, consume all-natural yogurt.

At the time of purchase, check the label and opt for one that has no added sugar or fat. To add a touch of flavor, pica a portion and add it natural fruit. The yogurts flavored contain very little fruit and too much sugar.

The cereal

Some might think that breakfast cereal in the morning is the healthiest option and do not cause problems. It’s not completely true. Though some are considered healthy, others are not.

The problem is that many of these so delicious cereals are packed with sugars. Another product you should avoid are granola bars. Unless it is prepared at home with flakes granola and natural nuts, usually they have a lot of sugar added.

In some cases, they are also rich in artificial dyes that do no good to your inflammation. If you are having problems of inflammation, now more than ever you should be aware of your diet and eliminate sugars, refined flours, trans and saturated fats. Replaces these products by the most natural versions. At first it will cost a bit but consistently, and you’ll benefit.

You no longer will feel pain or inflammation bother you that these foods produce, and can live better.

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