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Risks muscle electrostimulation

Staying in shape involves sacrifice, from the choice of a balanced diet to the constancy to carry out physical activity sustained. It is a commitment that enhances fitness enthusiasts and discourages those who want nothing to do with sweat. We said it yesterday: to get in top shape at the costume fitting must be prepared throughout the year, as opposed to last month handy.

muscle electrostimulation
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Yet, the shortcuts are not lacking: the electrical muscle stimulation, for example. Apply the electrodes in different points of the body in correspondence of the muscles that means strengthen so that the stimuli electricity muscle tissues in an alternation of contraction and relaxation. In this way, even the most lazy and reluctant to fitness may have toned muscles. This method is effective if coupled to a normal training and a content use of electrical stimulation, otherwise may cause noise to be reckoned with.

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Muscle electrostimulation: risks

People with sensitive skin may experience an intense redness of the skin after use of electrical stimulation. It is a passing reaction to infused warmth to muscles electricity, but if it persists you should contact your doctor to make sure there are no major disturbances. For example, the rupture of blood capillaries under the skin, and that is manifested by bruises, or even persistent muscle pain. In this case, there may be one of the so far rare cases of rhabdomyolysis due to muscle electrostimulation.

Rhabdomyolysis is the medical term used to indicate the breakdown of muscle fibers and subsequent release in the blood of substances such as calcium, uric acid and myoglobin that present in some areas of the body may cause concern clinical conditions.

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