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What are the symptoms of cervical and because you can warn them in the gym?

“Cervical” is a generic name we give to a group of disorders that, in theory, can range from simple stiff neck up to very difficult conditions such as severe headaches or skidding.

What is a cervical disorder and how we can become aware of it?

In good summary, the path of a cervical disorder is this:

  • A number of reasons make increase the tension of the neck muscles;
  • Muscle tension begins to cause the first symptoms;
  • Continuous muscle tension does work badly the vertebrae, which degenerate and can create other problems and new symptoms.

The starting point (and then resolution) of the cervical disorder are therefore MUSCLES, that due to different reasons can enter a state of chronic injury.

What are these reasons? Potentially many, as are many of the mechanisms that may affect the muscles of the neck.

cervical pain
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We have purely “mechanical” causes such as accidents, trauma or postural overload, but they are not the only ones: I can stiffen your neck muscles but do not drink enough, if I eat badly or if too nervous stress accumulation.

As we said, when muscles are too contracts (regardless of the reason for which they are not) begin the first symptoms, although in any nothing appears slabs or resonances of that.

IMPORTANT : Most of the people who make a plate or a resonance after age 30 are having some form of disc disease or osteoarthritis; some degeneration is normal and is not cause for concern, as it is also present in most of the fibula that no symptoms.

And experience of all physiotherapists that if you can reduce the muscle contracture, the person is fine even when there are problems highlighted the radiological examinations.

What are the symptoms of cervical?

As I said, the symptoms are caused by excess muscle tension. When the neck muscles are too warn contracts:

  • Pain and stiffness in the movements: Muscle contracts too are obviously painful and unwilling all, that’s why we feel pain and stiffness;
  • Headaches, especially tension headache: Intuitive, because where does the neck muscles begin those of the head. In practice, almost all the large neck muscles attach to the skull level, right where they begin the cranial muscles, which serve to move the eyebrows, eyes, mouth and so on.Since there is a close relationship between the two groups of muscles, the tension of the first can be transmitted over the latter;
  • Dizzy: It is still not completely clear why the tension of the neck muscles can bring dizziness. In all probability, this is due to the fact that the muscles of the neck constantly inform the nervous system on the position of the head if the muscles are contracted abnormally, this information arrives “distorted” and generates vertigo;
  • Nausea: In the cervical part of an important nerve for digestion, namely the vagus nerve. When there is an excess of muscle contracture, the vagus nerve can be compressed and stimulated excessively, causing nausea;
  • Arm pain: When there is a problem with the vertebral disks, a hard piece can compress one of your nerves to upper limb, and in this case, we speak of cervical hernia, resulting in pain in the arm. It should be said that often the nerve can be suffering if only for the strong muscle contraction, so do not immediately go into panic if you feel pain in the arm!

These are the symptoms linked universally recognized as related to excess muscle tension in the neck.

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Often we tend to attribute to the cervical spine a bit of everything from low pressure to tingling in the face, from anxiety to pain in the foot. Actually, it is not so: there are a number of situations where it is easier that there is EVEN cervical disorder, but is not he the cause of symptoms.

Let me explain: If you are a very anxious, you will have your muscles very contracts because of the strong state of tension. Of course, in this situation, it is easier than the neck muscles go into distress, but it is not the neck that causes you anxiety … is the opposite!

You can feel the cervical symptoms in the gym

If you think about it, the reason why you can easily feel the cervical disorder due to some exercises in the gym is very simple. We have seen how all cervical disorder revolves around too much muscle contracts.

When you go to the gym, what you ask your muscles? Simple, yet shrink more! They already “overloaded” for other reasons, will be happy about this? Of course not!

That’s why some exercises (especially those made with the upper limb) in the gym are held accountable, by some people, the cause of failure: in fact the exercise (if done right) is innocent, are the cervical muscles that did not work even before!

But if you think about it, what is your workout at the gym? You can summarize it with “ask your muscles to do something that no training would not be able to do.”

Therefore possible to take advantage of the training in the gym to improve cervical disorder?

In many cases, yes: thanks to specific exercises, light weights, and common sense in planning your training, you can improve the state of the cervical muscles, and then all the disorders associated with it.

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