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The Forest of Dean is a special place.

The residents of Gloucestershire really are a lucky bunch. Not only do they have the majestic rolling hills of the Cotswolds running the length of the county, numerous picturesque Villages and Towns plus a beautiful Cathedral in the capital of Gloucester, they also have a jewel to the North East as well. This is the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley.

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This ancient Forest was at first the hunting ground of William the Conqueror and subsequent monarchs afterwards. No one was allowed on the site unless they were of royal and noble blood. However the forest and it’s wildlife needed management and so squatters and nomads would populate the outside and inside. These were closed communities who had no time for interlopers and, given the attitude and the “illegal” nature of the job they got a reputation for strangeness. This is an opinion that some outside of the Forest still hold today!

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The Forest is an open area with pockets of dense woodland that has been carefully managed over the centuries. It now provides brilliant recreational activities. The towns of Cinderford and Lydney provide an administrative hub. There are plenty of services and if you need help with your heating Forest of Dean Boiler Repair firm HPR Services are on hand to help you.

Symond Yats, Go Ape tree walks, Miniature  Golf, canoeing and sailing on the Wye. It really is the most incredible place.

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