4 Apps That Make Running and Jogging More Enjoyable

Running might occasionally seem like a boring workout. There is not much variety, and the constant mobility makes it difficult to concentrate on podcasts or audiobooks. As a result, keeping yourself entertained while jogging is not always possible, and you can’t play online pokies either.

Fortunately, a few developers are attempting to make this exercise more enjoyable by gamifying your running sessions. Here are the best apps for making jogging more fun.


Enter RockMyRun, an app that recognizes your pace and actively attempts to match it to the beat of the music. RockMyRun was created in partnership with some of the industry’s top DJs, including David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack, and Major Lazer.

You can also specify your goal, and the app will adjust the song based on your progress. Aside from the usual electronic and house playlists, there are a variety of genres to choose from, including country, pop, and rock. You can find some music-themed games on leroijohnny.info, if you’re interested.

Run An Empire

Run An Empire is a strategy game that takes place in the real world. Your goal is to expand your empire and conquer as many areas as possible. And to do so, you must walk or run near them. To acquire resources and conquer new areas in this game, you must put on your running shoes and cover them by foot yourself.

As you gain miles, the game rewards you with more manpower, warriors, digital currency, and other delights. Because Run An Empire is a real-time game, you will have to constantly compete for territories with your neighbours and other players.

Run An Empire may be linked to external fitness devices and provides a comprehensive set of information such as the number of calories you’ve burned. It’s free to play, but you can advance by purchasing in-app currency.

Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG is a role-playing game in which you can equip heroes and battle your way to the top. Unlike other similar titles, Fitness RPG gamifies your pedometer into the game and uses the data to fuel your energy levels inside the game.

You can utilize this energy to upgrade your characters, acquire new weapons, and level up overall. Aside from taking part in the single-player campaign, Fitness RPG offers a multiplayer mode where you can pit your heroes against the armies of your friends. The game will sync with third-party services such as Fitbit and Google Fit.


Walkr is a fitness adventure that functions similarly to Fitness RPG. Here, the idea is that you’ve hopped onto a rocket ship to explore every planet in space. You will require energy to complete the journey and return home. You fill those energy bars by walking or running in real life.

In addition to the 50 unlockable planets, you will come across several lost creatures. However, you can only help them if you have enough fuel to spare. You can also compete with your friends and work together to complete missions.

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