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3 Basics of Forensics

Forensic science is important to solving crimes and exonerating people who are wrongly accused of crimes. Forensics has greatly improved over the past few decades with advancements made in science. Here are three basics of this field.

1. Forensic Science Has Several Branches

This discipline contains several different expert forensic psychology witness branches that cover many different types of crimes:

  • DNA analysis, which involves matching up hair, skin, blood and saliva samples to a person’s unique DNA profile. The advancement of mitochondrial DNA allows investigators to use even smaller DNA samples than previously to make comparisons.
  • Trace evidence analysis, which compares fibers and other materials left at a crime scene to fibers on a suspect.
  • Forensic toxicology, which is used when there is reason to believe that a victim was poisoned or otherwise made to ingest a foreign substance during the course of a crime. With this branch of science, bodily fluids and tissue samples are taken from a victim to identify any chemicals or drugs present in the body at the time of death.

2. Some Personality Types Are Better Suited

It takes a person with certain characteristics to become a good forensic scientist. Some qualities that make a career forensic scientist include exceptional observation skills, analytical skills and a good dose of skepticism. Scientists need to be able to consider all the evidence before making any judgments about what may or may not have occurred at the scene of a crime.

3. Crime Scenes Have Specific Procedures

Forensic scientists and investigators at a crime scene have to follow certain procedures to preserve the integrity of the physical evidence as well as any potential witnesses to the crime. One of the first tasks involves taping off the scene to the public and any suspects.

These three basics will get you started if the field of forensics interests you.

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