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5 Possible Reasons You Wake Up During the Night

Waking up through the night is very frustrating, especially if it’s hard for you to get back to sleep or you have to wake up early. Waking up more tired than before you went to sleep is annoying to say the least and could signify a health problem. That’s why it’s important to identify what causes you to wake up and find the solution to prevent it or prepare for it.

  1. Sleep Apnea. This is a very frustrating, serious sleep disorder that causes constant tiredness due to waking during the night. It is hard to diagnose because you’re not aware it’s happening, but a night in the hospital makes it easy for a doctor to assess your sleep pattern. Sleep Apnea is when you repeatedly stop and start breathing in your sleep due to the muscles in your throat relaxing too much. Some symptoms include snoring, and daytime tiredness.
  2. Overactive digestive system. If you have an allergy, or intolerance, you’re unaware of, your stomach could be having a hard time digesting some foods, causing you discomfort at night. Also, if you eat too late at night or eat a very heavy dinner that takes hours to digest, this will cause a restless night.
  3. Being too stressed during the day and not taking the time to wind down before bed can stop your body from being able to relax enough to fall into a deep sleep. Journaling, drinking chamomile tea, or sniffing some lavender essential oil before you sleep can help. Although, drinking tea right before bed might make you wake up during the night to go to the toilet so leave a bit of time between drinking it and getting into bed.

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  1. Light or noise entering from outside your house. Light from outside can disrupt your sleep without you realising it, so buy some black-out curtains. Also, make sure you have double glazed windows to stop sound coming into your bedroom. If you’re looking for double glazing Evesham, I recommend Firmfix.
  2. Your bedroom is too hot or cold. If your room is not at a comfortable temperature, you are likely to wake up frequently. The hormone that is needed for sleep, melatonin, can only be produced if you are cool and the room is dark. Lastly, get a duvet that is not too thick or thin. There’s nothing worse than waking up dripping with sweat or with cold toes!

Finally, make sure to get enough exercise during the day as this will help use your body’s energy so that you can sleep. Getting enough sunlight during the day can help regulate your circadian rhythm as well. One last tip is to make sure to turn off screens that emit blue light at least one hour before you get to bed, as blue light activates a part of your brain that takes over an hour to switch off.

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