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Antihistamines: What effect they have on our bodies?

The allergy can be so annoying condition that can reach everyday life. Find out how antihistamines can help.

People with allergies must always be careful with allergens that affect them to avoid (if certain foods, for example), and if they are unavoidable (environmental) try to prevent as much as possible their involvement and use antihistamines when symptoms are already charged and want to treat them.

Allergies are reactions of our body when in contact with some allergenic substance. In spring more allergies than the rest of the year appear because pollens are activated. In the fall there is another rally, when they are most affected with allergies to dust mites, mold, fungi and plants that pollinate at that time.

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The most common symptoms are conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis, but can also cause other conditions in upper respiratory tract as a result of inhalation of these allergic components.

If you are one of those affected you should know what the daily routine helps you to take an antihistamine and what side effects it causes in your body. We remind, before, that any doubt consult with your trusted health professionals, physician, nurse and / or pharmacist.

11 tips about antihistamines that we know

1) The antihistamines are the drugs most commonly prescribed to the general population, but can be purchased without a prescription; the prescribing physician either should always make a treatment or continued demand.

2) They are drugs, which inhibit the effect of histamine; a chemical found in all body tissues and is activated by an allergic reaction.

3) There are first-generation, second generation and third generation, all with different side effects.

4) The first generation is diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, clemastine, doxylamine or chlorpheniramine. The best-known second-generation loratadine, cetirizine, ebastine and rupatadina. The third generation are desloratadine (metabolite of loratadine), levocetirizine (isomer of cetirizine) and fexofenadine. Technical names but that will be very familiar to anyone who takes them.

5) The first generation penetrate throughout the central nervous system and may cause drowsiness (histamine helps us stay awake), increased appetite, dry fluids, blurred vision, constipation, urinary retention, etc.

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6) The second generation is also called “non-sedating”, so they are safer facing the work and school performance. The introduction least in the central nervous system, drugs are considered fit to drive and perform other activities of daily living that require concentration.

7) The third generation derived from the second generation and aim to enhance the effectiveness and reduce side effects even more.

8) They act by controlling histamine, eliminating the symptoms caused by this substance when its concentration increases; controls itching and watering of respiratory and eye mucous, edema, urticaria and skin redness, sneezing, etc. They not cure the disease, but the Palian. They are symptomatic treatment.

9) In addition to the effects described, antihistamines also inhibit vomiting and feeling dizzy.

10) Your administration produces dryness in all body fluids: usually feel more like drinking water, levels of saliva (eye to this as saliva protects the mouth from tooth decay and other dental diseases) are reduced, inducing to have less want to sex (vaginal dryness) and dermatological level, can condition the appearance of spots on the skin if not done a good sunscreen.

11) Finally, turning them into a habit will make it easier for the affected cope with this allergy so upset, because drugs are very effective person. In addition, we insist, should not take antihistamines on its own initiative, ideally consult with health professionals all confidence. They help care for the health.

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