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Keeping People Calm at the Doctors

Working in a doctor’s surgery as a receptionist is a job role that encompasses a lot more than people may thing at first glance. From practising first aid to arranging locum insurance like this there is a lot involved in a job of a doctor’s receptionist.

Something that is an important part of the job role of the receptionist is making sure that patients who are waiting to see a doctor are comfortable and relaxed. A lot of people get incredibly stressed and nervous when it comes to going to the doctors and this can make then irritable, uneasy, anxious or upset both on the phone and in person, so a receptionist will have to be able to understand this as well as deal with it effectively.

Part of this is having a calming manner, but there is another way that you can help to soothe and calm patients. Making the waiting room a pleasant space to be in is an important thing to do.

One of the first things to ensure when making your waiting room a calm place to be is to ensure that you have adequate signage and that places are clearly marked. When people are nervous to visit their doctor, the last thing that they want is to arrive and not know where they are going.

It is also good to have calming colours – blues and greens are the best colours to use that have a calming influence. Add decorative touches as well like plants and even a fish tank to create a pleasant and serene atmosphere.

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