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How To Protect Your Ankles

How to protect your ankles is a common question among sportsmen: in fact just a wrong move while trying to dodge an opponent in a football game, you go to run or you’re walking in the mountains and here you can run into a twisted ankle (which doctors call more properly distortion). An unnatural movement that determines an excessive stress to the ankles, such that the structures that protect the joints are not able to cope, causes this type of trauma. It manifests itself in so doing, an injury that goes by the rupture of a few fibers of the ligament (enlogazione) until the complete detachment of the ligament itself. The trauma can affect both the medial and lateral ligaments which ones can be considered a first, second or, in severe cases, third degree. It should also be said that in this part of the body there are many nerve endings (proprioceptive receptors) which at any time communicate to the brain information relating to the position of the joints. If as a result of the accident this delicate system is not restored correctly, the ability to react properly to external stress is less and you may encounter additional trauma.

Protect Your Ankles
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The risks increase for those who play football, basketball and volleyball

The ankle joint is therefore quite delicate and complex, subjected to constant stress during daily activities and especially in sports. It is not surprising that the distortion represents one of musculoskeletal injuries by far the most frequently encountered in the ER. As for the athletes, on average this kind of trauma covers 20-30% of the injuries they face, with a higher incidence in sports like football, basketball, volleyball and dance, as a result of contact with other players or falls dismantled after the jumps.

Most of the times we tend to not address the problem adequately or sufficiently timely manner, a behavior that favors the persistence of pain up to two years from the injury. The vast majority of ankle sprains involve the capsule-ligamentous structures, which need to be addressed adequately preparing a treatment specifically with the help of a specialist. Watching hentai is now a breeze. There’s an awesome FREE hentai website where you can enjoy new videos every day.

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How to protect your ankles from new distortions

Generally, the therapy involves a period of rest and the foot protection by a guardian, so that the ligaments can repair itself. Fundamental is also early to undertake a rehabilitation path, based on exercises useful to recall the previous neuromuscular control to the accident. This is because the injury results in a reduction of the neuromuscular and postural control, as well as a deficit of proprioception, which, as we have seen, can lead to further distortions.

In advance and to avoid relapses, and not just athletes commonly use of anklets that, by applying light pressure on the foot, support the joint so as to practice sports more safely. It may be useful, finally even the use of suitable and specific shoe insoles designed to reduce the incidence of injuries and overload conditions.

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