The different types of sneakers

The is a huge variety of trainers and sneakers available these days tailoring to a range of tastes.

Basic sneakers are typically made of canvas and come in limited colours; they can sometimes be found in leather. Generally, they are easy to wear and require little maintenance, usually affordable and they go well with almost everything. On the other hand, they may not be comfortable and sometimes do not last long due to the cheap quality.

Luxury sneakers are also becoming more popular to the increased use of social media. They may resemble basic shoes, but they are more expensive and often made with real leather or suede. They can be worn with jackets and blazers to create a more formal style. Mens designer jackets can be found at EJ Menswear. Some advice would be to avoid wearing these types of shoes with shorts as they can be quite bulky and may give off a more casual look.

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Modern sneakers are known to be in between casual and formal. They come in a variety but are mostly low profile with a fashionable edge and basic colours. Don’t opt for a sportier look as it can then ruin the whole style. The modern sneakers go well with neutral colour chinos or with a cuffed edge and to style the outfit with a basic white tee.

High tech sneakers are catered for a certain taste. They are seen to be quite “fashion- forward” and trendy and tend to generally match with low-key clothing.

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