What men choose women for a holiday romance?

Men choose women– Specialists of the magazine Psychologist have identified a single masculine quality, which works without fail on women as a whole, and in terms of sex.

This quality has nothing to do with physical parameters or appearance, it is called “wit”. It turns out that choosing a man for “sex for one night” or a “spa novel” a woman will look for someone who is able to make her laugh.

What men choose women for a holiday romance?

best men choose women

This conclusion is based on a study of scientists from the University of Stirling in England, who asked the fellow students of the Faculty of Psychology to think about what two subjects they would take with them to a desert island. The choice was made of chocolate, hairspray and plastic bag. The choice of objects needed to be justified. This is one of the most well-known and often used by psychologists tests, allowing to determine the wit of a person. Read more: Male orgasm: 5 interesting facts about the important culmination of excitement

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19 people out of 40 gave witty answers, after which the records were shown to female students. And it was the guys who answered questions with humor, they were recognized as the most sexually attractive. But with one “note” – for short-term relations. Read more:5 best ideas for a gift to your beloved woman

Scientists believe that such men are not serious in creating “the illusion that they do not need to build any far-reaching plans.” Therefore, they are ideal for sex for one night.

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