4 Calisthenics YouTube Classes for the Perfect At-Home Workout

If you’re not familiar with callisthenics, it’s not as complicated as it sounds—it simply refers to a workout that depends purely on your own body weight and gravity. Calisthenics are sometimes portrayed as buff guys performing extreme moves such as one-armed handstands and the human flag, or you can just try out some games from best aussie online casino.

However, callisthenics isn’t just about advanced exercises; there are various levels of difficulty from which to work your way up. Try these free calisthenic workout classes on YouTube if you want to gain the benefits of callisthenics such as improved mobility and strength.

Caroline Girvan’s Calisthenics Series

Caroline Girvan is a fitness YouTuber and qualified personal trainer. And she offers not just one class, but entire playlists dedicated to callisthenics training. Her Caroline Calisthenics Series is a five-day workout that focuses on your legs, upper body, core, glutes, hamstrings, and entire body. On the final day, there will also be an electrifying HIIT workout class. You should also turn your gaming sessions with real money online slots into classes.

Caroline’s callisthenics workout classes are pleasant but be warned: they are extremely demanding! Bulgarian lunges and single-arm burpees are the two challenging movements you should expect. As a result, you’re likely to be shaking like a leaf at the end of each day.

Caroline also has a callisthenics exercise playlist that incorporates all of the callisthenics classes from her other workout programs, such as EPIC Endgame and EPIC Heat. Of course, you need only your body weight for these workouts and little to no equipment except maybe a chair and a yoga block.

Calisthenics Family Do This to Build Muscle With Calisthenics

The Calisthenics Family YouTube channel, as the name suggests, is all about callisthenics. There are playlists for calisthenic workouts and routines, challenges, and lessons. Do you need some assistance getting started? Try their How to Start Calisthenics video. Otherwise, check out 20 Best Calisthenics Exercises.

If you’re already familiar with callisthenics but want to focus on building muscle mass, check out this class: Do This to Build Muscle with Calisthenics. It lasts roughly five minutes and focuses on five muscle-building methods. This workout session may even persuade you to attempt callisthenics instead of relying solely on weightlifting to increase your muscle gains.

Adam Frater’s How to Start Calisthenics at Home for Beginners

If you’re new to callisthenics, Adam Frater’s video, How to Start Calisthenics at Home for Beginners, is a great place to start. The video avoids trying to look stylish while doing callisthenics and instead focuses on fundamentals like movement control and core strength.

Adam’s Project Shred is advised when you’re ready to start a full-on callisthenics program. Project Shred is a 30-day program that consists of daily workouts, an eating plan, and lifestyle objectives. Everything is also available on your smartphone if you download the CALXTHENICS mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

Adam’s YouTube channel also has workout classes to help you increase your mobility as well as beginner tutorials to help you perform extreme calisthenics movements like the one-arm pushup.

Start Calisthenics With This 30-Day Workout

The most well-known callisthenics-related YouTube channel is arguably the Calisthenic movement. Whether you’re seeking how-tos, motivational videos, or workout routines, the channel has hundreds of videos to aid you on your callisthenics journey.

Try the Calisthenicmovement’s month-long workout routine to get you started. It is appropriate for all skill levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—because each exercise has easier and more difficult variations. The workout includes Spider-Man pushups, split squat jumps, and breakdancers.

The workout consists of three sets of each exercise, with a couple of minutes of rest in between. Aside from the YouTube channel, the Cali Move website provides some of the most popular mobility programs to help you move better.

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