5 Best Calisthenics Apps to Do Effective Bodyweight Strength Training

Maintaining a healthy fitness level can be challenging if you are unable to frequently attend a gym or workout class. If you find it tough to get out and exercise, callisthenics may be the answer. Calisthenics is a workout that relies entirely on your body weight to build strength and requires little or no equipment, unlike online casino in Australia that needs your smartphone.

This sort of exercise is beneficial to everyone because it can be done practically any place, regardless of fitness level. That is why this ancient method of exercise is still so popular. Here are some amazing applications for practising callisthenics, learning how to do the exercises, and discovering routines to get you moving.


8fit combines the expertise of exercise and nutrition professionals to deliver a personal trainer as well as a meal planner in a single app. It’s ideal if you want to combine brief workouts with a comprehensive eating plan. The fitness element of the app allows you to practice callisthenics with a wide range of workouts. With bodyweight exercises like squats, crunches, and pushups, HIIT-based workouts will help you burn fat and strengthen muscles.

The free version of 8fit includes a full-body workout routine. You may also subscribe to 8fit Pro for unique exercises, additional challenges, live weekly classes, and complete access to customizable nutrition plans, or you can just opt for some games at US casinos online.

Madbarz: Body Workouts

Madbarz is yet another top-rated home workout app that will assist you in tailoring your workout routine to target certain muscle areas. Madbarz is also helpful for beginners, with superb videos and descriptions that explain each workout.

You can create your workout from the extensive collection in addition to the available fitness plans. A smart repetition counter helps you count your reps with ease, and there’s an exercise tracking tool that works with Apple Health. Subscribe to receive even more training routines and challenges, as well as nutrition advice and a complete eating guide.


Caliverse may be a fantastic option for beginners who don’t want to immediately purchase a paid app instantly because it has a lot of free content—over 100 workouts, live sessions, and challenges. You have to look for it because the interface is designed for subscribers who have paid for it. The lessons, on the other hand, are clear and simple to follow.

Caliverse PRO membership grants you access to more advanced workout plans, tutorials, and the option to train with a coach who provides rapid feedback to help you improve your performance.



Thenics covers all of the basics well: it teaches you the core calisthenics abilities, provides progressions that you will utilize in different exercises, and delivers a diverse range of routines.

It isn’t as detailed as some of the other apps on the list, nor is it particularly memorable or dynamic. If you’re searching for audio explanations, music, or even diversity, you won’t find it here. Even if you subscribe to Thenics Pro, this app is less expensive than many of its rivals.


Thenx offers comprehensive beginner’s instruction in calisthenics techniques. This app is perfect for developing the skills you’ll need. The instructors are welcoming and encouraging, the exercises are explained thoroughly, and everything is demonstrated in short videos.

A great exercise display screen ensures that you constantly know what you’re doing and what’s coming up, and you even get breaks built right in.

There is a lot of free content included, including links to videos on the Thenx YouTube channel. You can then subscribe to gain full access to fitness programs and daily workouts.

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