16 good reasons to start running!

If you often ask “why run“, we give you at least 16 good reasons to tie your sneakers! Of course, running is not miraculous, but it makes very good for your health, it is a remedy against stress and insomnia and is a great ally in the prevention of various diseases. It helps to shake up the metabolism, speed up weight loss and keep in training the entire cardiovascular system. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of good reasons to change your mind!

start running
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1) It is a simple sport: Everything you need to run is a good pair of comfortable shoes and clothes! Today! Everyone knows to run and even if you have good physical shape, you can start with a light jog!

2) It is a versatile sports and cheap: Running requires minimal equipment and can be done everywhere. It ‘also a very flexible sport. You can run at your own pace, alone or in groups and at any time of the day.

3) It burns a lot of calories: A few physical exercises make you sweat as the race and help you burn so many calories … the energy consumption depends, of course, the weight, age, sex, the speed, the type and slope of the surface on whose run and the outside temperature, but on average an hour of running makes you burn between 650 and 900 kcal, more than step, cycling and spinning.

4) Improves joint health: A British study has shown that run 15 minutes 3 times a week allows you to reduce the risk of osteoporosis by 40%. If your joints are healthy and do not have specific diseases, run also it helps to strengthen cartilage and ligaments around the joints.

5) It reduces stress: Running regularly helps to ease stress and release the tension in the neck and shoulders, so the ride is used by mental health specialists to help patients overcome depression and other psychological problems. Running an escape and, as such, it is an excellent anti-stress.

6) It prevents disease: You run strengthens the cardiovascular system because it reduces the pressure and increases the cholesterol good. Become an avid jogger could then help you ward off heart disease and diabetes … Many experts also argue that practicing physical activity on a regular basis, to prevent the risk of certain cancers (colon, breast, lung …).

7) It helps to slim down: Many people start running just to lose weight. If you are a normal weight, running will help you maintain your fitness.

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8) Increases vitality: When you feel tired or lethargic, running is a great way to regain vigor and vitality. The people running the morning claiming to have more energy during the day. Combine the race with proper diet will help you feel more energetic and snappy.

9) It helps to live longer: Some researchers, after 21 years of study, have shown that running regularly can reduce the risk of disease and death by increasing cardiovascular fitness and bone mass.

10) It helps to meet new people: Some jogger appreciate the solitude and tranquility of the run, but others feel blessed to share the business with others. Find a running mate is a great way to develop a sense of belonging to the group. It is useful to set common goals and, above all, to stay motivated.

11) Induces sleep: A team of American researchers has asked a group of people who suffered from insomnia to run for 30 minutes every day. After a few weeks, study participants noted that they slept an hour longer per night.

12) Helps to broaden their horizons: To be in contact with nature, attend new places.

13) It helps you feel good about yourself: The people that run often have higher self-esteem and serenity.

14) Need to set a good example: Need to set a good example: To friends, children, husband, boyfriend, who often criticize you because you are subscribed to the gym but never find “the time” to attend.

15) It helps to be in solidarity: Many races are organized for humanitarian purposes, so take the opportunity to combine sport and solidarity. Running for a good cause can be one more reason to stay motivated

16) It helps to be ready to … run away in case of danger! Are you a runner: if ever you’ll have to escape from a swarm of angry wasps or chasing a thief who will just pick pocketed to the market, you will be happy to signing trained with such constancy!

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