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The hormones that will help you gain muscle

If you try to gain muscle you should know that there are many factors that can encourage this process, to influence various hormones that are essential for hypertrophy occurs.

Here we present the hormones that promote muscle gain and how to boost their presence in the body and its action to achieve real results.

Testosterone star muscle gain

It is the hormone “male” and star par excellence when seeking muscle gain, ie, that their presence in our body is key to this process.

Gain Muscle
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To avoid missing testosterone but on the contrary is at appropriate levels to allow hypertrophy, it is essential that our diet is sufficient, not missing calories to today.

A low calorie diet will determine testosterone production and hinder anabolism, therefore, no poor and poor energy supply in these cases.

It is also important that food is not missing fat, especially unsaturated fats, as a low fat intake reduces the production of testosterone, therefore, include fatty fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds will encourage the appropriate proportion of this hormone that helps us gain muscle, along with other foods that support production.

Finally, an intense and proper training also stimulates the production of testosterone in the body and thus helps us achieve appropriate levels that promote muscle gain.

Growth hormone essential for hypertrophy

This hormone is second in importance if we hypertrophy to achieve a gain of muscle volume in our body, therefore we must also consider if we want to see results.

Do not miss to make growth hormone in our body and thus it is possible to gain muscle, not only is key train intensely, but also take good care of our rest.

good night’s sleep to moderate and lower levels of cortisol, another hormone called “stress” allows that appropriate amounts of growth hormone. It is therefore important to sleep between 7 and 9 hours each day.

Insulin: Hormone wildcard

The insulin is an anabolic hormone par excellence, however, and can help build muscle; you may also favor fat gain, so we call it hormone wildcard.

Levels should be appropriate for building muscles and the arrival of the same protein takes place, but in turn, can not be so high that favors fat storage.

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It is therefore important to carry a fractional diet, eating a small amount of sugars with protein post workout to promote the use of past these and although there must be a higher percentage of calories in the diet, they should not be extremely excessive.

Also, we avoid excess sugars and take a diet as healthy as possible, to avoid fat gain and promote the creation of muscle mass.

Of course, all this leads us to think that we avoid bad habits and care for diet, exercise and rest especially for the hormones that help us gain muscle find appropriate levels and so we get to see results.

In addition to all the above, avoid alcohol and caffeine in excess, turn away from over training and include a good amount of antioxidants can help us take care of the levels of these hormones of great importance to hypertrophy.

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