Train your muscles on rings, the style of gymnasts

With fashion Crossfit have revived many objects and sports facilities while only employees or in specific disciplines such as are the rings. We offer training in the style of gymnasts, rings working with the muscles in your body.

The benefits of training rings

The rings are used as a support for our body, placing our hands on them or subjection of them to mobilize body weight with this object as only support.

So, as you can imagine, the rings function as an unstable surface on which we must stabilize and often mobilize the whole body without losing posture, therefore, is an object that allows work at high intensity different muscles at the same time.

Train your muscles
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Although movements designed to work develop specific areas, we will always strive to keep the balance, so that the stabilizing muscles of the body located in the middle of it will also be worked.

In addition, the rings are very versatile, can be used to perform different exercises and the best, can be saved easily by are truly useful to work at home, but are not recommended for beginners because of the large body control that is required for use.

Work your muscles into rings

As we said, this object can perform many different exercises to work the body, but some recommended for beginners in training with rings are:

  • Remo in rings or ring row: We should submit with both hands on the rings byplacing the body below the same, so that the feet are flat on the floor and our hands grip the rings. So, we will paddle movement closer to the rings chest muscles to work back.
  • Pushups on rings: Will support both hands on rings and feet on the floor and from there, we will pushups high intensity to work pectorals and triceps, and abdominal and back that will help us maintain balance while moving.
  • Elbows or knees to elbows: Hold us with both hands on rings and the body suspended bring your knees to your elbows using for it a little swing. This exercise will work primarily abdominal that contract to raise the legs and arms touching them.

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For the more advanced in training with rings, there are other really challenging exercises that can be performed, for example:

  • Funds rings or ring dips: To work the triceps we stand up, between the two rings and we hold them inside her with both hands, then get off the ground the body and from there, make funds triceps.
  • Muscle up in rings: It is a very demanding exercise that involves passing the chest above the rings from the bottom, with the body in suspension thereof.
  • L-sit in rings: Is ideal for working abdominal and back and is subject us of the rings inside with both hands while we are standing in their midst. The body will take off from the ground and from there, we must raise the legs extended until the same form an angle of 90 degrees to the torso.
  • Vertical push-ups and invested in rings: It consists of performing a push-up but with the difficulty that are performed while keeping the whole body face down with his hands on the rings as sole support. It is a really intense movement working shoulders, arms and abdominals.

In addition to these exercises, you can do pull-ups, swings, flags and many other movements more about the rings, just know that its use becomes really intense the training so it is not recommended for those with no experience in the gym.

To begin, you can try to hold your body suspended between two rings with either foot support in position or pushups, upright with all the high body.

If you can do that without doubt you can spend to try the movements and exercises on rings to work different muscles of the body in the style of gymnasts.

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